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  1. Just got a burst of hail in Midlothian. Only pea sized, but still a fun little storm.
  2. Well, it ain’t much but neighborhood roofs and mulch beds are starting to turn white
  3. Green returns knocking on the Powhatan / Chesterfield county line door.
  4. Looks like Chesterfield County could get in on some flurry action soon, according to my radar hallucinations.
  5. It’s going to slide painfully Southeast of us.
  6. Yeah, I'm not giving up yet. Radar looks better than the NAM already. Lots of times the precip shield extends much further than the models show. At the very least, we should see some flurries, which will make this the 2nd best storm of the year!
  7. 12z NAM suite completely blanks the Richmond area.
  8. Not a fan of the 06z NAMs. Struggles to get any accumulation North and west of basically Petersburg.
  9. WXRisk Dave is all in on this storm it appears.
  10. Atlanta officially has more snow than DC this year.
  11. I should have never moved to Richmond. Cost of living may be cheaper, but cost of snow is too much to bear.
  12. Sleet in Richmond, VA. I’ll call it a win. First winter weather event for my newborn son born two days ago! It’s all his fault that I’m up at this hour to see it!
  13. I'm on the Henrico/Goochland line and we've had snow falling since about noon, but no stickage, not even on grass. My wife is at work in eastern Henrico and the ground is white, even starting to stick to sidewalks and side roads.
  14. Areas east of 95 and south of 64 down in Richmond are getting a good bit of snow. Even some stickage to sidewalks and side roads. Heavier bands have dropped the temp to 32 in some places.