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  1. Holy crap, quite the storm just rolled through Midlothian, VA. Incredible wind gusts and hail.
  2. I wasn't expecting anything, yet I'm still somehow disappointed.
  3. It’s started as sleet/snow here in Midlothian just southwest of Richmond. Down to 35
  4. I'm finally in the virga zone. We're deploying code to production over night tonight, so I had to work anyway. Hoping to see a few flakes tonight before my cold rain tomorrow.
  5. Seems like the CAD is always under-forecasted along the mountains.
  6. As if living in the permanent torch of Richmond wasn't enough, we're now a snowhole:
  7. I guess it was 3-4 years ago now, but do you guys remember a similar storm that dumped a ton of sleet on Richmond and surprised areas like Staunton with 20" of snow? I can remember the forecast being for hardly any frozen precip for RVA and only 3-4" of snow before flipping out West, but the CAD was much stronger than forecasted. We can hope for something similar this time around.
  8. I feel like CAD systems tend to over perform more often than not. I can recall a few storms in recent years where the cold air hangs on much longer than expected. Wasn’t it only 3-4 years ago when the Shenendoah Valley got a surprise 20” from a storm with a similar setup?
  9. How bad does the ice look down here in Richmond on the Euro. This looks like a classic 32 degree rain setup for us.
  10. Nice dusting so far in Midlothian. Didn't even expect to see a flurry today.