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  1. It also initializes waaaayyyyy too low lol
  2. Convection blowups on radar are once again getting pushed N/NNE away from the llc
  3. The deep convection is no where near the llc tho. Despite satellite image it’s quite disorganized rn. Either it’s going to decouple again or the llc is going to redevelop
  4. Yeah if you watch the satellite loop you can see the western envelope of convection being pushed to the east
  5. 2pm keeps it a hurricane. Unbelievable. No way it’s currently a hurricane
  6. NHC no longer forecasting a hurricane past florida
  7. Looked like on radar the eye was gonna close but then it broke down and kind of flattened out.
  8. This is outdated from yesterday
  9. Notable that GEFS was much weaker
  10. It’s probably relocating north
  11. Tons of shear and upper level lows to push cool dry air into the core. Water temp isn’t the only factor