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  1. RGEM has interaction much earlier as well. GFS will be telling if this trend will continue
  2. It’s a storm that depends on dynamical cooling and a strong cyclone to drag 850s down. Need a phase
  3. The setups are completely different at H5 and this setup verbatim would have a nice cold high to the north
  4. Early maps clobber central NC. 6 around Wake with higher amounts to the NE. Low bombs out and pulls 850s with it
  5. Does it continue its idea of a low further off the coast?
  6. The 0z is continuing the idea of keeping the low further of the coast
  7. Hoping I switch over in Cary soon. Seems like the folks just around the airport have flipped
  8. Glad you’re finally getting the goods man
  9. So much griping while everyone is seeing snow fall. I give up
  10. Took about 45-50 minutes in Cary to start sticking. It’s piling up quick now. Roads turning white
  11. You can actually see a small batch of precip ahead of the main band in south cary