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  1. 18z HWRF is into the Central GOM fwiw
  2. GEFS continues to speed it up pretty drastically
  3. With this kind of 500mb look is a GOM threat favored? With a lifting trough and a building high I feel like getting anything up the east coast would be hard. I could be completely wrong tho
  4. Euro still looked fine and is a few minor tweaks from a major. Gfs sucks but is on an island compared to the euro, icon, and cmc
  5. 4-6 across the area. And temps afterwards are extremely cold for multiple days. Snow would be around a while. Perfect setup on the 12z. And looking at the H5 maps, it was close to a monster
  6. RGEM has interaction much earlier as well. GFS will be telling if this trend will continue
  7. It’s a storm that depends on dynamical cooling and a strong cyclone to drag 850s down. Need a phase
  8. The setups are completely different at H5 and this setup verbatim would have a nice cold high to the north
  9. Early maps clobber central NC. 6 around Wake with higher amounts to the NE. Low bombs out and pulls 850s with it
  10. Does it continue its idea of a low further off the coast?
  11. The 0z is continuing the idea of keeping the low further of the coast
  12. Hoping I switch over in Cary soon. Seems like the folks just around the airport have flipped
  13. Glad you’re finally getting the goods man
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