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  1. FYI, https://weather.cod.edu/forecast/ is getting GFS data just fine.
  2. I think some of the fringes differ because the actual radar may show very light returns (virga) that the model doesn't have. It's more useful to look at the difference in heavier returns. I may filter the images to only show 15 dbZ or higher instead of 5 to eliminate non-precipitation.
  3. As the storm begins to approach the area, here's a shameless plug for my tool to help ease your radar hallucinations. Specifically for the HRRR simulated radar. jmmweather.com/hrrr The green regions in KY, NC, WV show that it's under-doing the precipitation extent there right now. Good luck to you all down here!
  4. Since it's crunch time and we're using a lot of insight from the HRRR, my tool may come in handy to determine radar hallucination from reality: And a quantitative difference: I have this updating every 15 minutes at jmmweather.com/hrrr
  5. Hoping so! I keep following this sub-forum closest because if the models are good for you guys, it's good news for me in the PHL area haha. Lots of good entertainment here too.
  6. Here's a tool I made that compares the HRRR radar to the observed radar. It can be useful for determining how the most recent run is doing with precip placement. As you can see, the 02z HRRR does not have the light returns as far north as they actually are. More images can be found here https://jmmweather.com/hrrr/
  7. Definitely jealous of you true Central PA guys this storm! I came to State College in 2007 from PHL and was expecting to get pummeled by I-95 runners but instead missed out on 3 of the top 5 PHL snows ever while the single best storm in UNV my ten winters was 14" in Feb 2010 (PHL recorded 28" ). Now that I'm back in the PHL area, these are the kinds of storms I hoped for back in State College. Figures. Enjoy!
  8. It depends on the zoom level and who Google Earth decides to place on top if there are multiples in one area... I'll attach the overlays and you can play with it on Google Earth Pro yourselves. prb_24hsnow_ge04_f042_latest_GE.kmz americanKML.kml
  9. Who'd have ever thought moving towards the coast would be beneficial for snow? Sorry, couldn't resist! I'm sure you'll get that I-95 runner one of these years...
  10. The pressure gradient force is absolutely nuts in this. Recon is measuring 1003 mb only about 30-40 miles out from the eye which is at least 928mb. That's going to make for incredible wind speeds.
  11. In those same 10 years, Philly (where I came from) got more snow than they knew what to do with so I figured the snow tends to be where I'm not haha. It's not the true coast, but yeah I'll definitely be more interested in the tropics here than in State College.
  12. Another thing going for you guys this winter is that I'm no longer part of the region! 10 winters in State College and nothing more than a slightly above normal snowfall winter with our biggest event being 14". Now it's back to the new snow capital of the US along the I-95 corridor!
  13. Crazy windy in State College as the line passed through. My guess is 60mph or so. We lost power until just now which is almost unheard of here.
  14. This has to be one of the longest issued Severe Thunderstorm Warning message I've seen. 452 PM EDT MON MAY 1 2017 The National Weather Service in State College PA has issued a * Severe Thunderstorm Warning for... Centre County in central Pennsylvania... Clinton County in north central Pennsylvania... * Until 645 PM EDT * At 451 PM EDT, severe thunderstorms were located along a line extending from near Emporium to Prince Gallitzin State Park, moving east at 35 mph. HAZARD...60 mph wind gusts. SOURCE...Radar indicated. IMPACT...Expect damage to roofs, siding, and trees.
  15. That's what I figured. It looks nasty on radar but I guess that doesn't necessarily correlate to lightning.
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