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  1. Impressive restrengthening. I’m guessing a cat 3 will be obtained. .
  2. I had a feeling that Dorian wasn’t going to go down that easy. .
  3. Haven't looked at Dorian in a bit and I would say it is holding on very well considering the changes it has gone under. Not looking at it and then coming back to it, the form looks nice. Windfield has expanded. Strong bands on the outer edges. I don't think it is going to die out that easy. And the stronger rain bands and convection are occurring on the shore side and not the ocean side (like yesterday).
  4. West side of storm looks much stronger this morning, probably why rain totals increased. .
  5. I think the eye has expanded a bit giving it that look. Seems to be moving at 8 mph. I may be wrong. .
  6. Radar reference:
  7. I'm in the camp of some reorganization. This storm was a beast...I just don't see it folding out in the next 12 hours.
  8. Sheer levels are pretty decent ahead of the storm, but I wonder how that holds as the day unfolds. Also, recent microwave data shows weakening on the westward side but Levi mentioned the following: #Dorian's eyewall is open on west side. This may change. The left, land-facing side may get beefier w/ time. So far, ocean heat fluxes have come from south side & rotated around to make east side strong. Tonight & tmrw, fluxes will come from north side, making west side strong
  9. There is still warm water ahead of the storm's path and it may use the gulf stream to help strenghten...but it's moving so slowly it is hard to tell exactly what it will do. Next 12-24 hours will tell us if this storm came to play beyond the Bahamas.
  10. Highly unlikely...but this does have a mind of its own. But all accounts and cones steer this bad boy to the north.
  11. I'm going to say this storm is still very healthy.