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  1. Very true. I lived in coastal NC for a long time and there were no basements. No elevation and close to water table. I would imagine the same holds true for the deeper south.
  2. 1.6”, 30*F. Lightly snowing. Disappointing, but that’s okay. Congrats down south, great event for you guys!
  3. I spied a few flakes now, 30°F here. Wasn't expecting this early.
  4. I think you'll do well out there for this one.
  5. Good! We need all the help we can get with this one.
  6. You mean winter is here? The hell you say!
  7. My brother sent me this from Mammoth Lakes. Big snowblower work! ( don’t know how I managed the double post, sorry)
  8. Woke up to 2.25” here, 19F. Moderate rate, should snow most of the morning.
  9. We’re generally the lower on those for this winter, but we happily take. Yesterday was a pleasant surprise too, even plowable!
  10. Well, somebody had to do it. Lou Reed, Rest In Peace.
  11. Going like gangbusters up here! Looks like it'll last a while too. Most excellent.
  12. Ditto, still lightly snowing. Blew off nice and clean!
  13. I think you did a bit better than us up here, but still going pretty good. About 7.5” in my hood. A little mixing started at 5 am, but switched back over again. 23F