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  1. With a broad trough like this, it's hard to get the flip to straight snow for everyone. Elevation will be the deciding factor...probably going to be a lot of sleet.
  2. Starting to get an uptick in wires/trees down calls into our 911 center. Outages have ticked up to 3k countywide (Montgomery).
  3. Garret County now at 32 degrees. Several mPING reports of snow west of I-81 in Maryland. A few sleet/rain reports west of US-15 in Frederick County. Camp David down to 34.
  4. I like the Parkton bullseye too. You know it's gonna happen there at least.
  5. Some mPING reports in Hagerstown & Thurmont of rain/snow.
  6. They're down to 34 degrees, so it's certainly possible.
  7. CG as far north as Front Royal right now...decent.
  8. The NAM is cute to look at for giggles since we're all desperate, but anyone taking it seriously is foolish.
  9. Only 2 days away from the anniversary! Interesting to note is that Westminster is now down to 37 degrees and Thurmont (Camp David) is at 36. Also there's a decent bit of lightning across Virginia. Not something you see every day.
  10. Maybe we'll get lucky with a 3" - 5" paste bomb that stick to the power lines like glue.
  11. Really hope this thing slows/stalls for a time right over DC Metro and we get soaked...would love this to be a colossal model bust on the side of a memorable event.
  12. Hoping for a surprise flood/power outage event here in DC but not holding my breath. This has to be the most underwhelming sub-990 low in memory.
  13. Fresh Red Box likely for coastal GA and SC: http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/md0119.html
  14. Looks like Atlanta was downgraded to the Slight Risk with the afternoon update. Not sure why the PDS TOR was kept if the environment is so marginal.
  15. So far this looks pretty meh, seems like the convective mode is mostly linear and any spin ups are falling apart after ~30 min.
  16. Looks like clearing is starting in SW Georgia per the visible satellite:
  17. Oh to be a fly on the wall of the Georgia State EOC today. So many angry football fans today too...football > tornado. The met hate will be yuge.
  18. There's the PDS TOR: http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/watch/ww0021.html
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