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  1. Dropped to 29* in Pittsboro goodbye bugs
  2. Hi Wiz, I live just west of Raleigh Are these hww %s or tornadic? Grew up in Danbury btw, and know Westconn very well. Even briefly studied with the great Dr Mel
  3. 95 here in Chapel Hill. Frying eggs on driveway (which is concrete)
  4. You”ll miss Rafa.... Longtime supporter of Champions League winner and former Rafa team as well...LFC and still no rain in sight
  5. Any chance you’re from Newcastle, UK? (Magpie reference) Plenty of clouds there...
  6. Yes, except we get to 60* on Weds. Moved from Charlton 9 months ago so have beenl living vicariously thru you guys. Miss snow, but not this crap
  7. Lone pines, recently disturbed by lot clearing...along with other free standing irritated trees. I’ll be happy to provide blow by blow (pun intended) coverage if there is any interest. I’m a New Englander and don’t frighten easily, but this looks ominous-winds in trop force range Thurs-Fri evening, even here in Raleigh. Can’t even buy milk as it will go bad in minutes. Just give me a blizzard.
  8. Hi Guys, lurked for over 10 years with only an occasional post, living in Charlton, but moved to Raleigh 6 mos ago. This thing appears to have us in its sights. I am a bit concerned about flooding and pine trees. I did spend all summer laughing at all your heat advisories, though. Just an average day down here. Kevin, you want dews and sticky seats, I got a spare bedroom and toilet. Unbelievable...
  9. Raw here in Charlton. Last New England snow for me as headed to Chapel Hill end of March after 50+ years a New Englander. Weather geek as a kid, but discovering this forum has been the are all fantastic. But I hope (after lurking for 10+ years) that the Rev’s winters are wall to wall snow and cold, summers swelters and seasons in seasons. Best to all, Bairn.
  10. Wife’s been telling me that for 30 years...
  11. "Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness" John Keats. "Ode to Autumn"
  12. Is the St Johns able to handle infux of surge and then turn around and drain all the rain?