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  1. "Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness" John Keats. "Ode to Autumn"
  2. Is the St Johns able to handle infux of surge and then turn around and drain all the rain?
  3. And we provide flood insurance so they can continue to live there...I believe it is time for a rewrite of that policy.
  4. Can hear Kevin's storm in Charlton
  5. Been to Anfield 1/2 dozen times...greatest place to see a match in the world...Go Reds YNWA
  6. Lancaster?
  7. I am in the band now in Charlton-wahoo
  8. Pablo Escobar
  9. Treehouse is building a massive new facility in my town of Charlton. It will be nice to be the epicenter of something other than south of the pike.
  10. Occasional ping in Charlton. 37*
  11. Who are you? Pete Bouchard? I think he quoted 9" though.
  12. It's not about going, it's about stopping. All seasons are dangerous in many braking situations in the snow.
  13. In a thong?
  14. Hi guys, please bear with me here, but is the heavy rain shield from Matt not moving much further north than originally progged?