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  1. Been to Anfield 1/2 dozen times...greatest place to see a match in the world...Go Reds YNWA
  2. Lancaster?
  3. I am in the band now in Charlton-wahoo
  4. Pablo Escobar
  5. Treehouse is building a massive new facility in my town of Charlton. It will be nice to be the epicenter of something other than south of the pike.
  6. Occasional ping in Charlton. 37*
  7. Who are you? Pete Bouchard? I think he quoted 9" though.
  8. It's not about going, it's about stopping. All seasons are dangerous in many braking situations in the snow.
  9. In a thong?
  10. Hi guys, please bear with me here, but is the heavy rain shield from Matt not moving much further north than originally progged?
  11. Non stop thunder and a hvy rainstorm in Charlton. South of me now.
  12. I'm excited to be coaching Monday at the Cape...
  13. -16* in Charlton
  14. Heavy snow, trees down on roads, 6" in Charlton