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  1. Really, he has nailed this winter. Though I do hope that it changes. It does not look good.
  2. No, we score our best snows on the GFS 2 weeks out...
  3. Damn, 953. Continues to strengthen.
  4. Snowing at Cataloochee
  5. I'm south of CH and nothing happened here so far. News is showing damage in Hillsborough near the hospital.
  6. WRAL is reporting possible tornado on the ground in Alamance Co.
  7. Done the exact same thing..LOL
  8. Damn, I will really miss him. One of the best.
  9. We've had a home there for the past 40 years. I so hope that it makes it through this.
  10. Since you are part of the Southeast, try the regional discussion here. That would work better there than here.
  11. Now it’s sticking on the roads in Boone. Flakes are getting bigger .
  12. Snowing pretty good here in Boone. Roads are fine though and figure they will stay that way .
  13. Almost switched to snow with heaver returns, then it lightened up. Back to rain.
  14. Yeah, beginning to think it's not going to make it.
  15. Looks to be no-go for snow here as the heaviest returns are over us and all we have is moderate rain.
  16. Have 10 inches so far. Great storm!!!
  17. Very true!! And the one before that when I had the AC on at Christmas.