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  1. Dipped to 29.8
  2. I'm seeing some pockets of improved foliage locally. Not much consistency just some flashes of decent color.
  3. Cookout on the grill last two evenings watching the kids play in the yard in shorts an T-shirts.
  4. 34.5 low. Meh.
  5. 38 here at bedtime. Gonna be a frosty morning .
  6. Down to 42 here. I'm thinking 33-34 for the low here in Enfield.
  7. Color is average at best so far in Enfield. Was out on 66 east near Marlborough/E. Hampton today and it was even worse. Rust/Sh*t browns in most spots and diseased trees. Still time for some improvement but the caterpillar zone is probably cooked.
  8. Some frost on the cars tops and colder surfaces here with a low of 34.
  9. Yeah we're going to need to see a more substantial shift with the Euro guidance to really start taking this threat seriously but NC outer banks is definitely a spot worth watching. It will be interesting to see how Jose's rate of decay affects the blocking to the north and east and how far NW Maria can get before hitting the dreaded westerlies ahead of the approaching trough. Monitoring the speed, depth and tilt/positioning of the trough as well for any changes that could allow Maria to track further north but as of now a vast majority of ensemble members are either out to sea or a E NC threat before turning sharply out to sea.
  10. Can't buy more than some clouds and stiff breezes with occasional gusts back here. Couple of nice sunsets being on the edge of some of the clearing, but we could definitely use a bit more rain despite the soakings of the late spring into the first half of summer.
  11. Color tends to come in waves . Perhaps temps did play some role in slowing things down but my experience has usually been a burst of early change and than a lull before you start to head into a more substantial build up to peak than another lull before you're late turning trees ,, especially oaks finish things off with a late burst of color as the other trees are past or bare.
  12. The images from Dominica with a population of 72k will be very sad. They're about to get wiped out. Can't even fathom what the wind gusts will be on the 4k peaks.
  13. GFS looks more progressive with the eastern trough and further south as well through 180.
  14. Not even a drop yet. Nice winter warmup, lol.