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  1. Just saw a 6 week old baby died today in CT. Man do I hate this fookin virus.
  2. Thoughts and prayers for you and family. Get well. I'm in Enfield so message me if you really need something.
  3. http://jobs.isirc.gie.net/newsletter/click?pubId=1&hyperlinkId=199440&productSendId=E1E98D8. Interesting article above. One may be able to find a certified tick-box installer to help with the small rodents which are often carriers.
  4. we'll probably whiten things up a bit but I'm not expecting much here in the valley.
  5. .75 on Tuesday. 27.95 season
  6. I'm not a historian but in my lifetime definitely.
  7. Anything to get the mind off that Celtics disastah.
  8. This winter has been nothing short of an unmitigated disaster for most SNE south of Route 2 and barring a turn around in the modeling for this upcoming late week event we looked to get kicked in the nuts while we're down once again.
  9. GFS should improve at least a bit.
  10. We watch and hope, but through the lens of a skeptic with a murphy's law mentality this winter. The setup in and of itself does bear watching based on current modeling.