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  1. Snowing and starting to stick here in Enfield unfortunately I have to leave down to the shoreline
  2. Snowing here but still melting on a contact and 34
  3. 42 here in the valley. You got nice elevation at 1150' you probably will live up to your screen name tomorrow. Your area is one of my favorite in the state , I enjoy driving out 20 to 219 and 179 etc out by Barkhamsted reservoir. Lots of nice outdoor recreation and scenic countryside.
  4. Perhaps the HREF which stands for high resolution ensemble forecast although I don't really follow it closely myself.
  5. Mostly bare here now. You must have been further south.
  6. Color is strong now just inland from the Connecticut shoreline. I've seen some pretty strong color on route 15 near the Wilbur Cross and the Merritt.
  7. Things are starting to fade here in northern Connecticut after a fairly colorful past 10 days. It was a rather long and drawn-out foliage season that lacked cohesiveness at times but there was some times of pretty nice color. Clean up will start this weekend
  8. Flips Hubby Dave to paste as the end, lol
  9. Nearby PWS was about 2.25 here. Excellent day.
  10. Got to be about 2"here. Just a soaking of a day.
  11. Apple picking today in Ellington , CT Color popping quickly and heading towards peak.