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  1. Barring any tropical systems or extreme blocking this would seem to be a typical summer distribution of rainfall that is primarily convection driven. I happen to be in the winner category this year. We take.
  2. Getting crushed here. 2nd deluge of the day. Estimating 1.5 +.
  3. Dews are often highest at night into morning and mix out some in the afternoon around here, especially on the downsloping winds. Average dew probably takes that into account. Lots of 70 dews in the AM drop into the low-mid 60s in the PM.
  4. Yeah. Pretty crazy stuff.
  5. I believe a tree hit a pole which snapped as car was passing, somehow the power line was under the car and than bounced back up. Just a theory I only ran across a pic and a statement that everyone was Ok.
  6. Must have been scary as hell for the woman and her kids but their OK.
  7. Today in Suffield Ct
  8. Mount Vernon in the Belgrade Lakes region.
  9. Pretty decent 9 days I had up in Maine. Warmest days in the 80s were on my arrival and departure days. Most of the week had highs in the mid 70s with lows in the mid 50s. Crappiest day was last Monday but managed to hit 69 before rain dropped temps into the upper 50s in the late afternoon.
  10. Wow. Nice and toasty while on vacation in Maine on Monday. Lol.
  11. Derecho is a pretty strong word to be throwing around. A MCS, probably in a weakening state or south of us seems more realistic.
  12. Training of cells causing flooding problems on the south side of metro Springfield, MA.
  13. On the edge here, got some rain and wind. Nice storm from a structure standpoint.
  14. Angry sky here. Several bolts of lightning just north.
  15. Another decent gully washer here.