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  1. The CTRV is definitely a place where you will have more pool friendly days than a 1K hilltop. More sun, more open space, and warmer temps. A 78 spot with light wind here today while Kev is 73 and a steady breeze and large trees and hillsides blocking the sun.
  2. 5 minutes of pounding hail briefly covered most of the ground, mainly dimes and a few nickles. Rain was so intense the gutter came loose and is hanging down as well as a couple of loud CTG strikes.
  3. 35 mph gust during the shelf, some nice structure at the onset. A few loud bangs and flashes but the rain has been most impressive. Overall a typical strong storm, could have been better with steeper lapse rates, flow was parallel and things went linear pretty quickly, not much discrete action.
  4. BVY 98. High here was 96.1.
  5. I think the best chance of a severe report is in that zone but I do think there will be some storms up into the pike region.
  6. the launching pad was much lower here in the ctrv this morning, I started at 62, currently 86.8. BDL will be 88-89 by 11 and 96-97 by 3-4 Pm.
  7. and they are already into the fifties which shows how shallow or some would say fake that temperature was. I believe the Pine Barrens in Long Island are also notorious , but they are legitimate unlike our buddy in New Hartford Connecticut.
  8. Chased the cell near BAF, ran into pounding hail 3/4 to 1 inch diameter on Route 20 West. Cars were stopped, roads were partially flooded and covered in hail.
  9. Nasty looking cell in Hampshire County MA
  10. I wish the timing was a bit quicker with the clearing process and the arrival of the trough.
  11. Slight Risk ENY, NW/C CT, WMA, SVT, SNH.
  12. yeah usually pool and water activities really get going in this area over Memorial Day weekend but there was none of that to be found. It certainly was not a summer feel but I did manage to pull temperatures near 70 on Saturday and Sunday here and the rain held off till after the parade here on Monday.