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  1. You reported a few other minor accumulations during the month generally 1" and under but yeah what a disaster.
  2. 6 may be generous but more than 3" I believe. I was younger and not perfectly detailed with the measurements. Regardless, it was tough to watch. Especially looking straight up and watching it pounding above you for hours.
  3. I got 6 inches of mashed potatoes and slush in the Sixteen Acres section of Springfield at that time living at about 220 feet elevation. Looking up in the sky I could see it dumping 500 feet higher and on the horizon on hilltops just east and west of the valley the whole storm where it was 2-4 feet.
  4. Talk of 92 has me treading carefully here. Trying not to revive the painful memories.
  5. Strong start and finish to this event. Solid advisory event and looks nice and wintry out there again.
  6. Not in a great spot here with heavier returns both south and north. Oh well it looks nice.
  7. .2 new between last night and this evening . 23.05
  8. I'm off to bed I wish you the best but I don't really see a way of you getting much, hopefully things break right for you and you get a little wrap around action as the storm intensifies offshore
  9. Yes there has been a subtle shift south and colder on guidance but we would really need another 50 miles or so, at least as far as Connecticut is concerned.
  10. Probably one of those deals where we have shallow cold air that mixes out once the cloud cover comes in and the wind picks up from the south. It's not great having the low track to our north but perhaps at the onset of things we could get a mix or even a light coating
  11. Yeah you're right Southeast CT it's pretty much the worst place in CT for snow. You're in a way better spot now. The snowiest area of the state in northwest Connecticut actually gets some decent leftover LES squalls and upslope with a few towns averaging like 80" + inches per year. I've never experienced a true lake-effect snowstorm before but have always wanted to. Once in a while I may get a few leftover squalls but usually they don't make it past the Berkshires.
  12. CT kind of depends on the location as there is a lot of variance. I average close to 50" per year where I am. Retention can be an issue and it's feast or famine. I was out in Cooperstown New York a couple of weeks ago for the first time and I was impressed with the area.