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  1. Springfield area looks to be dumping rain. Only a trace here thus far.
  2. Man storms all around me but force field is in effect. Awesome looking skies occasional loud thunder and cooling temperatures from the outflow here.
  3. Storm started to develop overhead here but really came together just to my NE. Hearing the thunder but only a few sprinkles.
  4. Lower valley special on the downslope. Made it to 91 for a high and still 90. BAF and BDL both 91 at 5 pm.
  5. Mostly Sunny and 90/ 52 here. No complaints.
  6. I'll be in Maine at the cabin July 8-17 so bring it.
  7. From HFD Police: 2.31 inches of rain last hour Buckingham & John St flooded, cars stuck. Franklin & South, heavy flooding. Hillside & Hamilton St flooded, cars stuck. Bonner St/Hillside, heavy flooding. 3:08 PM · Jul 3, 2020·Twitter Web App
  8. Getting drenched pretty good here storms training through the area.
  9. Somehow managed to only get a trace of rain today with storms all around me in every direction.
  10. About 2.62 here including Saturday. No complaints.
  11. Plenty of misery mist and a raw breeze here in the valley to start the day.
  12. In Seymour CT today, stormy afternoon.
  13. Nice jackpot for once around here. Interesting that a .99 was reported just north of here. Maybe the PWS near me reporting 1" wasn't that crazy.