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  1. CTValleySnowMan

    January 2019 Discussion

    It is impressive, no pack or good radiating here so probably 8 or 9 above which is not earth shattering for January Definitely getting a bit frustrating down here but better times appear on the horizon. Might have to make my second trip of the season up to SVT to find the kids and myself some snow over the weekend.
  2. CTValleySnowMan

    2018/19 Winter Banter and General Discussion - We winter of YORE

    Best wishes Steve. Its s hard cold world out there at times but what goes around comes around. Smart, hardworking and honest people like you adapt and do well with whatever challenges are presented. I'm sure your next endeavor will be successful.
  3. CTValleySnowMan

    January 2019 Discussion

    The cold isn't exactly thrilling when we've been looking at brown bare ground 99.9% of the past 6 weeks down here. When the cold is reinforcing a fresh pack it's certainly more appealing.
  4. CTValleySnowMan

    January 2019 Discussion

    In all honesty Don, the snowfall measurement for Bos should be somewhere in the 2 to 3 inch range. Even meteorologists in here have discussed how BOS is having an issue finding reliable and available people to do their measurements and that number is not accurate. Perhaps a list of <3" would be most accurate.
  5. CTValleySnowMan

    January 2019 Discussion

    2 PWS closer to this side of town had 1.02 and 1.17
  6. CTValleySnowMan

    January 2019 Discussion

    Best wishes. I took off 60 pounds last year and nothing feels better. Commit to it and it will happen. Try not to stay up all night salivating over day 10 H5 GFS or late night Euro runs and get off routine.
  7. Enjoy the snow up north. Happy New Years!!!
  8. CTValleySnowMan

    January 2019 Discussion

    Happy New Years weenies!!
  9. CTValleySnowMan

    December Discussion II

    I would have thought you did better than 20" in 2013 Blizzard Nemo
  10. CTValleySnowMan

    Potential Christmas Eve 2018 Event

    Part 1 seems to be slipping south. Not expecting more than a coating here.
  11. CTValleySnowMan

    Grinch 2018 Screamin Sou'easter Disco and Obs

    CAA winds delivering more than yesterday here.
  12. CTValleySnowMan

    Grinch 2018 Screamin Sou'easter Disco and Obs

    Nearby PWS 3 day total at about 2.71.
  13. CTValleySnowMan

    Grinch 2018 Screamin Sou'easter Disco and Obs

    2.5" nearby PWS storm total so far. Light rain and 59.
  14. CTValleySnowMan

    Grinch 2018 Screamin Sou'easter Disco and Obs

    Storm total since early last night 2" on nearby PWS.