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  1. EPS is not quite as aggressive at completely erasing the lower height anomalies but is improving as well. I'm not expecting a overly warm and completely dry weekend up in the lakes region of Maine where I plan on going but if we can avoid the huge ULL of doom and just contend with a some instability clouds or a pop up passing shower or two and temps near 70 I would be very happy.
  2. GFS OP is really backing down on the deep ULL/trough Memorial Day weekend on the past few runs. It Now has most of New England in the 70's and 80's over the holiday weekend. Below is the trend of the past 4 runs valid 12z Saturday. The Trough basically splits in 2 and a bit of a SE ridge starts to flex it's muscles on the latest runs.
  3. 93 here. Comfortable dews continue.
  4. Dew went way down from this morning . 92/52.
  5. 94 for the high at the house. Car thermo was reading 96. Downslope dandy,nice breeze and low dews with a hot sun.
  6. HFD seems a bit low but their wind came in at South vs West at BDL. Perhaps a bit of cooling going on right along the river at HFD with a S flow that BDL, at 3 miles West of the CT river and 12 miles further north isn't experiencing.
  7. 91 here. We sweat.
  8. Nice lawns gentlemen, Just finished my 4th mow in the front earlier. Impressive green with all the rain this Spring.
  9. Looking forward to 91-92 here on Thursday. Bring it on.
  10. I'm sure Kevin will argue that the trough axis will be west on Memorial Day weekend, and it very well may start off that way but it still doesn't look like any kind of heat. Perhaps moderate humidity before the trough axis swings through , hopefully it's not too much of a washout as I was trying to get up to Maine with some decent weather. Obviously things could change when we're dealing with this amount of time range.
  11. Congrats Berks!!
  12. Mothers day cookout may be turning into takeout here.