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  1. I'll take it under consideration. I want to see how these next 2 weeks play out.
  2. Not in NJ. Murphy shut them down. No golf for me until, I'm hoping, Memorial day(ish) no driving ranges are open either. It's a ghost town here in NJ.
  3. My guess is, if they can start by July 4th, they can play 81 games and finish on time. If they could start by Memorial Day (big IF) they could get in 100 games.
  4. Stuck inside, warm weather is just going to depress me.
  5. Please tell me that's just cold bias? Not that it matters, we are all stuck inside for April anyway.
  6. It was nice not to have a big salt build up on the cars and roads this winter. Nor were there many of those big ugly snow banks that just collect dirt and car soot on the side of the roads.
  7. I actually took the day off from work. I had 1 day left to use before I lost it before our new year started and what a day to have off. After lunch with the wife (who worked remotely) I hit the driving range. And it was quite busy there too. It was nice to come home and a lot of the windows were open, along with the sliding door in the living room. A day like yesterday really recharges my batteries. I know a lot of folks on here love the winter and snow, but this is the weather I live for.
  8. It certainly feels like it today. Much prefer this over the last few March's.
  9. 72 here in western Morris county, light breeze. Perfect day, really.
  10. You mean like snow storms that never develop?
  11. We got a trace of snow here in western morris/eastern Warren counties. With the sun and temps in mid 40s, I expect it to be gone by sunset. Bring on Spring
  12. I had an appointment in Morris County around 3 PM and my wife was like "you seriously going to drive in this?" So it must have been much worse here in western Morris county than NYC.
  13. I just googled NYC blizzard 1888 to see pictures. Holy cow, that's crazy. What I'd like to know is, was there a quick warm up right after? If so, the flooding would have been tremendous. Because I recall winter of 93/94, it either snowed or iced every Wednesday for like 6 weeks straight. Finally one day we hit like 60 something and it just flooded. Can't imagine NYC in 1888 being able to handle that.