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  1. I hear u. it does have that kind of feel. looks like its falling in somewhat slow motion. looks nice...….. wish we had some deep pow out here this winter. past couple winters have sucked for snowboarding out here, I haven't even gone out since the blizzard of 2016 at Timberline.
  2. light grass accumulation and mulch accumulation now. looks nice outside but can't wait for Sundays warm wx
  3. Snow picked up in Elkridge (I work here) looks like grassy surfaces and mulch could show accumulation in the next 30 mins to hour. looking darker outside.
  4. depends on where you are I guess. but for a real type mountain like out west, totally agree and accurate. I miss snowboarding out there
  5. Flurries of varying intensity in Elkridge
  6. I guess DCA "somehow magically torched" Right @Eskimo Joe? Anyone who thought it wouldn't be in the 50's today is a fool
  7. What do you mean huh. I quoted what you said. are you even a met?
  8. which forecasts have busted so far? My high temp at work in Elkridge was 51 and we are at 53 right now. you're talking busting high, right? are you even a met?
  9. and... since us who believe we would be in the 50s today are fools, what do you classify mets like yourself that make such a completely wrong claim like you did here? Not being in 50s today? what do you call them
  10. Let's will this one in here boys. Saw the chatter last week and have been half heartedly following, then took off next Thursday for POWDAH DAYYYYY at Timberline. Still looking good out there for the most part and their snow pack is deepest since 2016. Let's gooooooooo
  11. Actually looks like on radar that precip is about to fill in a little east of frederick
  12. The bass will be happy the rivers aren't gonna be blown out again
  13. I mean the river is now falling to a fishable level and it's about to be blown out again. I just want the stripers to show up man..... wish we could've got this (these maybe) storms during winter and not the start of the striper run