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  1. Let's will this one in here boys. Saw the chatter last week and have been half heartedly following, then took off next Thursday for POWDAH DAYYYYY at Timberline. Still looking good out there for the most part and their snow pack is deepest since 2016. Let's gooooooooo
  2. Wxdood

    March 11-12 Storm - Model Discussion STORM MODE

    Actually looks like on radar that precip is about to fill in a little east of frederick
  3. Wxdood

    March Banter

    The bass will be happy the rivers aren't gonna be blown out again
  4. Wxdood

    March Banter

    I mean the river is now falling to a fishable level and it's about to be blown out again. I just want the stripers to show up man..... wish we could've got this (these maybe) storms during winter and not the start of the striper run
  5. Wxdood

    March Mid/Long Range Discussion 2

    I'm all for snow in march too but this year feels different. It doesn't feel like the year with a serious pattern to drop snow in march. We've had so much precip since feb also, my yard is so saturated, I'm seriously done with all the rain/snow and hope it dries out for a while. Rivers are running high as heck too. When you say the pattern breaks down, does it look to dry out?
  6. Wxdood

    February Banter Thread

    I've been reading and following since the 2010 season and have seen a few of his posts that are trollesque. But I agree with you.
  7. Wxdood

    February Mid/Long Range Discussion 2

    I gotta disagree, in my mind it over performed for areas it said it was barely going to do anything. We got close to 3 inches here in g burg when it was saying like half an inch. Over performer. Do you just try to make open ended posts or what. I'm not even a met or someone who does this very often, used to be more into looking at models than now, but your dialogue adds nothing of interest or anything positive.
  8. Wxdood

    February Mid/Long Range Discussion 2

    Explain the different variable. Get that climate change out of here, this is a long range thread discussing weather, not climate change. I know I don't post much but all that does is muck stuff up
  9. Wxdood

    February Mid/Long Range Discussion

    That was 14 inches I think at timberline, stayed the night at the Canaan hotel and had first chair at t line that day..... about as good as it gets for this side of the Mississippi. That was on top of already a 20"+ snowpack they had there too. Absolutely unreal day
  10. Wxdood

    February Mid/Long Range Discussion

    I don't know any better, but to see discussion of the Karents barrets sea or whatever and then get dumped on a few days/week after... then I'd start believing that stuff. Honk enough times and it's bound to happen eventually but sheesh
  11. Wxdood

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    I know, there's still ice. Wasn't it supposed to be ice free in '08?
  12. Wxdood

    February 7th Snow To Rain Event

    Would we want clear skies right now for radiational cooling before the storm or no?
  13. Wxdood

    February Mid/Long Range Discussion

    Been a lurker for years. We have been lucky the past 4 years in march. Anyone think too much weight is put into March being a true winter month? it can easily go both ways. Torched or wintry. We are due for a march without much promise IMO. I would like it to happen but seems like people are putting too many chips into it. What do you think? edit: accidentally quoted an old post.