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  1. January Med/Long Range Disco Part 2

    Snowboarded at liberty during the commuttageddon storm. Was misting while on 15 and an hour or so after getting on the mountain it just nuked. It was insane. Hard to go fast because you just couldn't see. 270 was jammed so we did a u turn before the hill out of the city and took 28 back to darnestown. Epic day
  2. January Banter String

    It just wants to snow at the beach- got a nice NE wind and looks like ocean effect snow. Water looks good. Snowing at a fair clip. We can't win this year.
  3. Jan 8th Ice/Mix/Rain Event

    Streets off veirs mill are completely covered in ice. Car tires are basically iced in. Ice on route 28 also west of Rockville. If it keeps raining schools will be delayed tomorrow for sure. I thought it would've stopped by now
  4. Jan 8th Ice/Mix/Rain Event

    Remembered my password, long lurker here that comes back during winter. 25/10 at work in Elkridge. Dolly sods cam shows snow in Canaan valley. They had 15 straight days of at least a trace of snow there and this morning it ended. Pretty cool but snow depth doesn't look impressive. Need 14-15+ inches to open up the glades there. Debating leaving work to home in north Potomac early.
  5. Hey guys can someone explain those soundings? My take- if the blue is fully to the left of the red line, then snow is imminent or falling at the time of the sounding? What about the green line? Help appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Wish I wasn't working tomorrow, Whitetail Bulls-eye for late season powder day. They are usually closed this time of year.
  7. March Threats/Snow Storms Pt. II

    DUDE! I drove down March 24th around 6-7 oclock and as soon as I hit Cumberland it started snowing if I recall. I got to Canaan valley resort (the hotel/lodge there) around 10 or so and it was snowing pretty good but not as hard as I thought it would. Got up the next day, hit Timberline and they had probably 14+ inches. It was an insane day. Cherry Bowl and the other glades had a big base the entire March. Last year the base was never as good, but I hit every March storm but the 31st. My friend went and he said it was awesome that day. I did happen to hit Whitetail February 13 (I think? Our biggest snow last year.) There had to have been 20 inches at least that day and if you fell in the powder it was hard to get up! Everywhere was trackable. Whitetail yesterday was really good, prob 10 inches of snow at the end of it. Decent base in the woods, some areas better than others but Exhibition was great (a mogul run). I haven't been there yet this year but I was about to do the same thing Wednesday night, drive down, spend the night and hit it in the morning.. They got over a foot, which would've been awesome considering the 15+ inch base they already had in the trees. I hope we get another good storm white T-Line still has a solid base. I haven't been snowboarding much this year but have been either during/after a storm or the day after. I'm a bit bummed I havent gone much this year but timing has been bad with work/school. I'm game for another snow storm as long as the ski resorts get some good snow too (if they happen to be open.) So bring on more snow!
  8. March 5th Storm Obs/Nowcasting

    Snowflakes falling at whitetail. Driving my mustang 5.0 there in the morning. Don't worry, I got snow tires. Won't be long now. That snow line is advancing decently now.
  9. March 5th Storm Obs/Nowcasting

    Been snowing for 30-40 mins in Frostburg.
  10. March 5th Storm Obs/Nowcasting

    http://wwc.instacam.com/instacamimg/FRSTB/FRSTB_l.jpg That's our rain snow line. Wasn't snowing 10 mins ago, ground white now. #herewego
  11. March 5th Storm Obs/Nowcasting

    I feel like an idiot for not driving out to canaan resort tonight for a seemingly epic powder day at Timberline tomorrow. I've been slacking this year on my powder chasing. Ever since our awful December it has killed the snowboarding mood for me this winter.
  12. March 5 Snow Thread-Model Discussion ONLY

    Yeah there's been a couple fill-ins east of the blue ridge in narrow bands today at different times to fizzle and rebuild. This has expanded north of the MD and is building south too. This should be out steady rain until it changes over Id imagine.
  13. March 5 Snow Thread-Model Discussion ONLY

    LOL. Allegheny front keeping it on the west slopes of apps at the moment
  14. March 5 Snow Thread-Model Discussion ONLY

    LOL it does sound weenie but it's 3 models showing a similar situation. HRRR is at the end of the run showing that outcome and it takes on a look that seems to speed up. Noise id assume. The Lightning probs look to show that this thing will have dynamics in its favor. I'm game either way I just wish this was happening 6 hours earlier so I could ski a powder day.
  15. March 5 Snow Thread-Model Discussion ONLY

    It looks like the first wave is essentially wringing out the moisture that would have come from the second wave. What a bummer. That HRRR shows the NAM and GFS idea it looks like...... Sad how that much moisture that's over KY just can't make it over here.