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  1. Skies brightened a little here and there but just don't see much happening with this thick cloud deck. Bummer.
  2. Out of our area but severe for the cell down near Appomatox. So there is some potential
  3. just draw a picture of a cloud and tape it to the wall. That's what it will be 95% of the time
  4. some more breaks SW on GOES but not the total clearing I would prefer to see.
  5. Gotta think that a later frontal passage does help some. We usually clear out late so stuff from 5pm on will get help from afternoon sun if it gets here
  6. Still a decent low cloud deck where I am. When there are breaks it warms quickly. Very breezy too
  7. get ready for 100 sun obs posts. Blue sky already showing up here.
  8. Its funny to read the differences between SPC and LWX. Sterling is def more ho-hum about chances.
  9. My DP is 71. This is so not right for this time of year. Hit 91 too for temp
  10. Roasting here 85.6 and sunny. Kid has a soccer game at 1:30. There better be cold beer there
  11. hail accumulations maps are needed please
  12. the last page reminds me of winter threats. lol
  13. maybe another round if things clear out again?
  14. Damn board won't let me load a pic more than 1.95mb so until I resize the one I took showing pea sized hail, you will have to trust me that pea sized hail fell.
  15. also that possible tornado in Warrenton but nothing else confirms that. so far. could be nothing
  16. you can thank me later
  17. I'm looking at the GOES16 sat images and I think it is easy to see on that where it is too. If this current batch gets out soon there could be some peeks of sun. you can see some clearing to the SW
  18. there ya go! Always think positive
  19. i did. they replied back to say i need to speak to mattieg for official school statements. just heard thunder here at work. i'm finding an interior room now.
  20. Wife called to say thunder at home.....with the kids out at the bus stop.
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