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  1. No. nothing to that degree again for sure. I can't say I was as much scared as I was concerned. Not knowing how long it was going to last was my biggest fear.
  2. That's for tomorrow. Hope that sucker ain't cracked
  3. drop ceiling at work so not too surprising. Maybe I will get tomorrow off if the my building is fooked
  4. Some ceiling fixtures partially fell and a couple of things were tipped over in my cube but nothing worse that that. Pictures fell off the walls at home but no biggie
  5. Up on my 3rd floor it was fairly substantial. Violent? Hard to say as this was a first time event of this magnitude for many of us. Shyt was shakin tho
  6. Hi, y'all. Did something just happen?
  7. It is great to see you back, JoMo. Glad that you are ok but sorry to hear of the loss of your friends.
  8. Anytime I'm added to a Josh list makes me smile. Quiet in PR doesn't mean I'm not reading. There will be times I'll join if the topic is right.

  9. Valentines Day storm brought to you by FTD
  10. Better ratios on top the mountain
  11. Disagree. Previous runs can be used for trend purposes. Using many runs to gauge consistency is crucial given how this season has played out.
  12. Can't complain about qpf on this run.
  13. Not sure but I expect that graphic to change if 0z NAM looks like the 18z
  14. piedmont into coastal plain
  15. You and I will not see as much if any but a brief period of +sn at the tail end would be nice
  16. For 2 days out and almost complete model concensus things look pretty good when considering the season so far
  17. And all I got was a dusting and I'm S of DCA. Elev around 180. The r/s line was painfully slow to reach me that day
  18. I would think that we should all be doing a happy dance just with the fact that we will see decent precip with this. Getting over .5" qpf is significant
  19. For DC I think a simple "rain and rain snow mix" is still the best way to go at this time. More snow to the NW obvi.
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