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  1. Looks like it could get a bumpy this afternoon in GSP
  2. What is almost having sex? Is that asking and she says no?
  3. Looking at the HRRR so much for the rain tonight and tomorrow.
  4. My cherry and dogwoods survived the cold snap. Both are about in full bloom and look great.
  5. Softball size hail reported over towards Taylor's. Plus the storms are not moving so flooding is beginning.
  6. Looks like tonight my dog is sleeping with me. Nice storms forming later tonight on the HRRR
  7. First the clown maps are gone and now this??? Who do we complain to about this. I feel like this is a direct attack on all the snow weenies out there.
  8. Is that you or JB?
  9. I bet it is replaced by th gl low
  10. Hey Mack if the flowers are still in their buds will they still get nuked this week? Also putting sheets on hydrangeas help at all or is this hard freeze going to kill the buds this year?
  11. The weather and market gods are against you. Did you get that new coin yet
  12. Looking at the latest hrrr the duke snow shield is in full operation for the upstate.
  13. 49/17. Ready for glory.
  14. You know it's right then