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  1. Best news I've heard in a while. Time to get the kids snow stuff out and wax the sled.
  2. We have 3 times. Hope it doesn't happen a 4th time.
  3. Looking at the HRRR it doesn't make it up here.
  4. Duke just told my friend they are not going to restore power until the winds drop below 20 MPH gust. Fireman said trees and lines down everywhere. We are lucky to still have power. Every house on our street has no power except us and 4 others. Hurricane party. Wooooo
  5. Heaviest rain and strongest winds look to be moving into Greenville now.
  6. Big canes are good for snow. Right?
  7. Renaming them high wind days instead of snow days.
  8. Why. Is TR bad or something. Just burning snow days. Oh wait it doesn't snow here anymore.
  9. 48 MPH gust in downtown Greenville according to wyff4
  10. Charleston always floods. Just to what level. I think I read about the same level as Matthew last year.
  11. KGMU has sustained winds of 29 with gust of 39
  12. Looks like the Euro is trending correct with the wind speeds. Just heard a transformer go
  13. Power keeps going in and off on Augusta road
  14. TWC is pretty intense in Naples
  15. Weather channel just reported 130 MPH gust