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  1. The Para becomes the GFS next week I think. Of course their scores have been horrible as of late.
  2. 85/62 here. Such a beautiful day
  3. We toss the 18z. It's known for being wrong.
  4. The HRRR says rain incoming.... Oh wait Shetley lives there. nevermind
  5. Can you make that 132 area a little smaller. only one person wants that.
  6. remember 2 years ago with the floods in Columbia she was calling for a 20% chance of rain 2 days before even though every model was showing 8-12 inches of rain. Good ole KK.
  7. That's incorrect map. Jonesville gets over 130 every summer
  8. Well it feels like 130 outside. Does that count?
  9. I'm outside of Georgetown and watching that nasty cell from a distance. Looks like it is heading this way.
  10. Smart. It never rains in orangeburg. If any wants to meet in g vegas let's me know. I'll buy the first round and maybe the second.
  11. Let me know. Greenville is a great place
  12. Let me know if you do make it down. I'll buy you a drink.
  13. Some one is going to see 130 to 140 this summer.
  14. Columbia doesn't count.
  15. I hear the Middle East gets hot.