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  1. Smart. It never rains in orangeburg. If any wants to meet in g vegas let's me know. I'll buy the first round and maybe the second.
  2. Let me know. Greenville is a great place
  3. Let me know if you do make it down. I'll buy you a drink.
  4. Some one is going to see 130 to 140 this summer.
  5. Columbia doesn't count.
  6. I hear the Middle East gets hot.
  7. Why did you make the Indians mad? Do you still think we will see 125 temps this summer.
  8. Looks like the storms are lining up. Just had my second shower of the day and another line is about to roll in.
  9. Once again it looks like the NAM nailed the CAD again for the upstate.
  10. That is close to my parents house. It flooded out 2 years ago with the huge rain storm. They do not need this.
  11. It is rocking and rolling here in Greenville.
  12. It is moving into downtown Greenville. Big thunder
  13. Everyone could play the par 3 with 1 irons. Not even god can hit a 1 iron.
  14. Back end rain may cause some flooding. Some rates are 1.5+ inches per hour.
  15. Hail in downtown Greenville