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  1. I lived in south Monroe at the time and we had 18" and no power for almost 2 weeks. There was a smaller storm that Saturday, rain Sunday and then BOOM!
  2. Lots of models didn't show accumulations until 00z...
  3. HRRR finally caught up to the other models...time will tell with the radar returns. Notorious French Broad snow hole is always a potential. Light snow @36/27
  4. Heavy sleet just north of downtown Asheville. Killing our snow totals.
  5. Heavy snow in Asheville with a few inches down. Power already out 2x...hoping for the best!
  6. Not too far from me. Did not hear any thunder inside the house.
  7. Long time lurker...Few inches on the ground just north of downtown Asheville. Lost power twice already.
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