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  1. Steady light snow in North Asheville this evening. Congrats to all those that cashed in!! See if we can do it again next weekend!
  2. We sure need it in North Asheville after the rain put a damper on the snow mid afternoon. Typically we set up well in flow snow as you mentioned in the video.
  3. Sky rocketed to 37 in North Asheville after a projected high of 31.
  4. Up to 33 degrees and raining in Woodfin after getting 5" of snow this morning.
  5. Couple flakes flying in North Asheville. Beaverlake/Reynolds Mountain area.
  6. Same with McDowell County. Only going to focus on 221, i40 and road to the hospital. Really messes with the manufacturing plants as they usually have priority after the main roads.
  7. Always love the FBV snowhole. We've all seen this progressively get worse as winter storms get closer. However, can't complain too much about 6"+.
  8. From my experience, the snow hole is true but typically only a couple inches less than the surrounding areas. Nothing this extreme.
  9. I think it ultimately depends on where the location is in Black Mountain. Often we get caught in the French Broad valley death trap in some of these storms. You can see it depicted on some of the snow maps - closer to the McDowell/Buncombe line the better.
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