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  1. I'm Dreaming of a White Xmas

    Pouring snow in Framingham. Looks like a couple inches OTG. Happy holidays all.
  2. Millennial kid of April Fools obs and pics

    Lots of sleet here
  3. The Blizzard of the Ides, 2017 ...observation time

    Just finished one of my more miserable dig outs. 8" of heavy a** slop. Moderate rain made it so much more fun. Great storm today especially with the winds and snow.
  4. The Blizzard of the Ides, 2017 ...observation time

    Great storm so far. Wind is whipping and snow heavy. Maybe 4". Walked around for a while soaking in the scene. Hoping sleet makes it in as late as possible.
  5. Coop Crushing Snow Observations 02/15/17

    Mix here in Framingham but huge fat flakes.
  6. February 12/13 SWFE/Coastal Observations

    Still snowing here just south of Framingham. Measured 5.25". Everything is caked in snow. Awesome.
  7. February 12/13 SWFE/Coastal Observations

    Snow intensity and growth picking up. Maybe 1/2" so far
  8. February 12/13 SWFE/Coastal Observations

    OES making it into metro west. Nice snow for a bit in Framingham. Can The OES enhance the snow moving in from the west?
  9. Sunday SWFE..Monday Coastal?

    Does anyone know how this compares to the 2/15/15 snowstorm, the one with the thunder snow in Plymouth and insane rates occurring early in the morning? I thought that band of intense snow backed in from the east. Out in the gulf of Maine.
  10. Sunday SWFE..Monday Coastal?

    Blizzard watch for Boston edit- coastal flood warning. Neon green I thought was the blizzard watch. My bad.
  11. Model Mayhem IV!

    Patriots juju. I would love to have feb 2015 again.
  12. Feb 9th Coastal Obs

    Band pivoting through Boston soon seems to be recharging.
  13. Feb 9th Coastal Obs

    Just incredible out. Haven't seen a whiteout like this in a long time. So Fun.
  14. Feb 9th Coastal Obs

    This is an exciting storm. So happy for everyone getting in on this. Really makes up for the winter thus far.
  15. Feb 9th Coastal Obs

    That sounds great! Hoping it can snow like this for a few hours.