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  1. Really appreciate your forecast Ray and taking the time to share your thoughts. In addition, thanks to all of the mets on this board that provide such thoughtful and excellent insight that you can't get anywhere else. Ended with around 14" in Framingham but hard to tell because of some compaction from yesterday. Cool storm but a PITA to track.
  2. Look to be pushing 8" here in Framingham. Snow is piling up with extreme efficiency. Hoping to break double digits.
  3. Flakeage commences in Framingham. Here we go.
  4. Puking sleet in Framingham. Had shoveled at 5. Nice powdery stuff. Went back out to shovel again. Heavy sleet slop. At least an inch of sleet has fallen.
  5. Awesome 2nd squall roared through Framingham. Much better wind this time.
  6. Like 4-5 inches of snow with a massive 2-3 inch crust of sleet on top. Igloo sized chunks. Absolutely miserable cleanup in Framingham.
  7. Sleetfest in Framingham. Light glaze on the shrubs/trees. Really hoping siggy ice stays away.
  8. Moderate snow. Framingham. Flake size better than ocean effect stuff from earlier.
  9. Euro Map looks legit. Would be happy with 6"+ here in Metro West. Should be a dynamic storm and much better than the mundane weather of late. When it does flip, I'm hoping for pellets and less glaze.
  10. Sweet!! I’m on the Ashland/Framingham line. Must be close to that then here too!
  11. Awesome stuff!! That band really delivered the goods. Lightened up dramatically here. Still some light snow. Maybe a bit over 20
  12. Yeah, I’ve got a few in the backyard, totally bent to the ground. They usually perk back up after knocking off the snow.