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1 hour ago, Ed, snow and hurricane fan said:

Wouldn't RONI minimize the upcoming cool ENSO because of the warming Atlantic.  I know that is the opposite of what it is supposed to do, I can see how it works with a warm ENSO, but not a cool one.

No, it is the opposite because RONI looks at the contrast better with the surrounding extra warm waters that were caused by GW. With this last El Nino, RONI peak was only high end moderate vs ONI peak of borderline strong/super-strong. So, RONI was ~0.5C cooler than ONI. For the upcoming La Nina, there's a good chance for a similar relationship where ONI dips only to, say, -1.0 or -1.4 while RONI dips to, say, -1.5 or -1.8 meaning RONI once again cooler.

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Ah ... not sure y'all got that quite right.  

RONI is actually a colloquialism for Pepperoni, a variety of spicy salami-style processed food made from an amalgam of cured pork and beef, seasoned with salt, paprika, chili flakes or cayenne pepper, fennel seed and garlic.   The term was long ago formulated amid Americana for its delectable inclusion and is therefore most useful in that culinary application and recognition. 

So tired of misnomers :rolleyes:

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