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Quick Weekend Special March 10th,11th, & 12th


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I'm sure a few of us have  been watching a disturbance on the models the past week or so, which has been pretty cluttered with differences in the strength and location of shortwaves, and any phasing as we move into the weekend. Over the past 12-18 hours, the data seems to have started to trend toward a possible impactful event across Iowa, and western Illinois, including the potential advisory, or even warning criteria snow events in spots Saturday night into Sunday. Right now, the GFS, Bamms, RPM are hinting at warning level snows possible in a few stripes, in Iowa, and across the Ohio River, with advisory level snows possible for the QC metro and areas nearby. The latest 12z NAM seems to be trending in that direction as well. 


The shortwave in question is just now entering the Pacific Northwest currently, so hopefully we will have a much better idea, on if this system will be as wet as possibly being indicated by the GFS and other Hi-res guidance by this afternoon's 12z & tonights 00z runs. 


Feel free to chime in with your thoughts and opinions. Personally, it would be a nice birthday surprise for me, but I know others are all aboard the spring train! I kinda am, myself, but I do like a fresh coat of white! Lol







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6 hours ago, hawkeye_wx said:

00z NAM, ICON, and GFS all waving bye-bye to this system.  I was never sold on it, though, so no big deal.  DMX jumped the gun a bit this afternoon, talking it up and putting out a robust snowfall graphic.  DVN was wise to be skeptical.

Yep, waking up and look over the evening data, and it's def. trending backwards. Geez. What a head scratcher! 

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