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  1. Fall Banter & General Discussion/Observations

    Our place at Mt Snow Vt is at 2000 ft after this past week of heat and humidity it would be great to see some Snow. Could always hike up if the Peak gets some!!!!
  2. Model Mayhem V

    SWFE are usually better for us in West Dover Vt. They bring moderate amounts of Snow with out the strong winds. Much better for skiing no wind holds and wind packed powder. I gladly would take a parade of these storms all winter long.Also makes our drive home to Long Island easier as they usually rain or do not receive nearly as much snow!!
  3. ULL, up slope snow LES, Squalls winds 11-20-22

    Even looks pretty good for the Southern Greens, hope it all pans out. This would be a Great start for Ski Season!!!
  4. I'll see you in September

    I have kept a journal of every ski day we have had our place in Vt. I hope we get an early start this year. The entries start in the winter 2000-2001 which some of you might remember was good then by March was epic.The snowfall covered the 2nd story windows at our Condo.We have only had 1 Terrible year 15-16 The winter of 11-12 was weak with a very early melt out. 01-02 was ok with a tough Christmas and no consistent snow and cold. 02-03 was awesome with the best coverage of any year by Christmas. Most lean years were followed by Great seasons another would be 05-06 followed by 07-08 lets hope the trend continues!!!
  5. The 2016-17 Ski Season Thread

    I love skiing Nov- Dec. Even though most years it's just man-made and groomers the slopes are generally empty. Some years can be good woke up the morning of my 50th Birthday to a foot of Powder at Mt Snow in Mid Dec 2013 was able to Ski the woods that day. What a Great present!!! Drove up 2 weeks later in 60s and Fog for our Christmas trip.
  6. The 2016-17 Ski Season Thread

    Start the countdown to Snowmaking weather for the Northeast resorts!!
  7. The 2016-17 Ski Season Thread

    Hoping for a cold November for Snowmaking then maybe a December 92 4 footer for southern Vermont to get the season rolling!! Skiing the woods before the Holidays
  8. Winter 2016/2017 because its never too early

    We bought our place Dec 2000 was a good season then March 2001 came and it just Snowed and Snowed until our second story windows were covered!!! The powder in the woods so deep.2007-2008 was also great but more front loaded. I prefer early snows for the holidays right thru February for deep bases then some nice Spring skiing cold nights then warm dry days for snow preservation
  9. Winter 2016/2017 because its never too early

    Let's hope it is Cold and Snowy at our place at 2000 ft in Southern Vermont after last years torch!! I want to Ski sections of the Catamount trail and the Woods at Mt Snow. Been up there for 15 seasons and have had some good snows in neutral and La Niña winters. I would think the interior will eventually cash in. Lots of winters down here on the coast with snow to rain and then would read about the Bis Snows up in the hills and mountains.
  10. How about the fact that I have about 50" at our house in Northwestern Suffolk county on LI and our Condo at 2000' at Mt Snow Vt has about the same.
  11. NNE Winter 2014-2015 Thread Part 2

    Coming up to ski Jay Peak Thurs 29th-Sat31st.I know it's a ways out there but I see Burlington talking about a low pressure possibly coming in from the northern great Lakes thurs.Any locals have a better handle on these types of systems? Can they deliver a good dump of Snow at Jay that I always hear about when everyone else has half the amount? Thanks!!
  12. The 2013-2014 Ski Season Thread

    What do you want to know?Ski there 25 days a year and have owned a condo at the mountain for the last 14 years Fire away
  13. December 29th Storm Observations

    I think skiing will be quite Good tomorrow.been up there for many R&@n events then down to 15 degrees by 1st chair that's awful ski conditions!!!