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  1. LaxSki

    Land Purchase

    Pictures at our place at 2100’ in S.VT March 2018. Front window and back deck both on 2nd story
  2. LaxSki

    Land Purchase

    20 years ago I thought we needed to go further north ( Killington) but I’m glad we settled on S.Vt .. Saves us an 1 1/2 hours each way more Sunday skiing. It is also nice to have decent choices for Skiing close by. Mostly ski Mt Snow as our condo has a ski-home trail from the mountain located at around 2100’ so it’s hard to get in the car and drive to another area. I also like the fact that I know the mountain well and can avoid crowds even on the busiest days. Local knowledge also keeps you in the know as to where the best Snow is based on type of storm wind direction and time of year
  3. LaxSki

    Land Purchase

    We drive this road every other weekend on our way to our place at Mt Snow. The road is a steady climb to 2500’ and has incredible Snowbanks even in crappy winters. We’ve owned up there for 20 years and love the area , far enough so you feel like your away from it all but still close enough to restaurants, shopping and Bennington Hospital.. Some years stand out Snowfall wise March 18’, Feb 10’, Feb15’, Dec 02’ but March 2001 was beyond insane!!!! Great location year round and the Foliage in early October is World -Class...
  4. It sure has.. I think I see 2 pair of rear entry boots
  5. From Northport LI travel to Mt Snow every other weekend. Enfield is about halfway if we choose 95 to 91 Would love to be closer to the Mountains from November- April
  6. I’m from Long Island but have a place in Southern Vermont, hence the interest in New England Snowfall
  7. incredible November Snow. Very little in Bennington to a Feet up Rt 9 in Woodford Vt. This is our deck at 2100’ on Mt Snow
  8. At the very least it will be an interesting weather day for the opening day of the Ski Season in October no less!!
  9. I hope so I’ll be just north of you Skiing at Mt Snow. Maybe we can stay mostly Snow until afternoon !!!
  10. Our place is at 2100 ft on the south side of Mt Snow. The area does well for Snow from coastal storms as you are in southern Vt and at times we get in on surprise upslope snows.
  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mt Snow is open by next Friday and the Skiing will be good as it was last year on opening day. I’ll be there and spend some money on food and a beer or 2. It is well worth it for these areas to open early because the money starts to come in.
  12. Killington will remain open for the season. The forecast this week will provide plenty more Snowmaking opportunities and the snow that is made can survive the above freezing temps much better than an early season Natural Snowfall.
  13. 20 year Mt Snow passholder here will post some also
  14. Our place at Mt Snow Vt is at 2000 ft after this past week of heat and humidity it would be great to see some Snow. Could always hike up if the Peak gets some!!!!