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  1. Seems like quite a few Mesonet sites down/out across Oklahoma
  2. Very damaging winds sweeping through Moore/Norman
  3. I'm seeing a 104mph wind gust reported in the last hour at the Walters, OK Mesonet site - is that accurate?
  4. Gotta laugh at Payne doing on-the-air EF-scale numbers
  5. Seiling
  6. Hate to break it to you but you may have to go a bit further west for mountains.
  7. Interesting event occurred in Northwest Iowa the morning of the 16th, heat burst from collapsing storms out of NE causing 40-80 mph winds, quite a bit of tree damage. 80F air temp with 46F dewpoints near Jackson, Minnesota when the storm collapsed through the dry air Radar loop is here http://www.weather.gov/fsd/news_20170516_heatburst
  8. I was actually looking at this earlier today and thought I hadn't seen a map this good in years. Turns out this is the highest clear % map in the archives and hasn't looked this good since June 2010 or Jan 2001. Below table is CONUS percentages (Total US is similar)
  9. Looks like serious flood risk ahead for Fayetteville to St Louis and surrounding areas - Flood Watch is out for a rather large area of MO and AR
  10. A bit off topic, but I was trying to get the outlook for Friday and keep running into this on and off - been having issues with other noaa.gov sites too, anyone else?