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  1. Bit worried about this line developing in NW OK, might roll through Stillwater a bit after 2am.
  2. From News9, between Ringling and Wilson:
  3. Towers by Chandler, OK, as seen from Stillwater
  4. Looks like a tower going up on GOES16 by Pawhuska headed towards Bartlesville
  5. Seems like quite a few Mesonet sites down/out across Oklahoma
  6. Very damaging winds sweeping through Moore/Norman
  7. I'm seeing a 104mph wind gust reported in the last hour at the Walters, OK Mesonet site - is that accurate?
  8. Gotta laugh at Payne doing on-the-air EF-scale numbers
  9. Seiling
  10. Hate to break it to you but you may have to go a bit further west for mountains.
  11. Interesting event occurred in Northwest Iowa the morning of the 16th, heat burst from collapsing storms out of NE causing 40-80 mph winds, quite a bit of tree damage. 80F air temp with 46F dewpoints near Jackson, Minnesota when the storm collapsed through the dry air Radar loop is here http://www.weather.gov/fsd/news_20170516_heatburst