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  1. Not liking westward turns. Keeps pushing its eventual landfall remains in its northward turn over Kansas and we have way, way too much flooding already.
  2. Keeps rotating and dropping wall clouds, but never makes good on it thus far. The cloud base is very high.
  3. Complete overcast and crapvection in southern KS
  4. SPC calling moderate risk again, TX panhandle.
  5. Strongly reminded of the Andover tornado with the motion.
  6. Good God, JoMo, I remember when you disappeared after that thing in 2011.
  7. That was Elie, and it was pretty apparent it was a violent drillbit by the motion.
  8. Cap just broke, explosive growth. (Finally)
  9. PDS for a single cell? Is this like maintaining High Risk on Monday for a single cell?
  10. Huh, PDS watch. That escalated quickly.