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  1. We probably won't know anything more from Florida until morning, when the rural tornado tracks are visible and discovered. But it doesn't look like things got way too bad in the big cities otherwise we'd have probably heard by now.
  2. New storms SW of Orlando are going SVR. I suspect this isn't over yet.
  3. Unfortunately now some cells beginning to rotate SW of Orlando.
  4. TOR just issued for storm moving inland north of Tampa, rapidly tightening couplet on that
  5. April 24 2010 also featured several significant though less notable EF2-EF4 tornadoes in AL though. I remember that night, nonstop warnings and an EF3 just south of here. So if anything that means just one can make the difference in the high risk, but further east all hell can break loose with multiple tornadoes later than one would have expected. And it's only evening.
  6. Given the discrete cells that are trying to get going offshore west of Tampa, the next few hours will make or break much of the risk and hype. Potential is definitely still there for more nasty things to happen.
  7. Despite the extreme hyperbole from yesterday, that is still the most impressive wind damage to continuously welded rail I have ever seen. Could be the most impressive ever. I just wonder if several things hit the rail structure to start the damage.
  8. So KVNX appears to be down again. Radars seem to follow some twisted set of Murphy's laws at times like these.
  9. I'm sure there are other railroad dorks on the forum that also realize how big a deal it is if true, but, unless there was some other factor (scouring of the track bed, impact from large objects) the actual removal of continuously welded modern Class 1 rail is almost unfathomable. It is going to take an insane amount of extreme low level wind to remove a long section of connected CWR. The line that runs through Chapman is apparently a Union Pacific line which means the rail is certainly going to be up to modern standard. If it was a branch line or old siding with bolted rail, that's one thing, but modern rail is incredibly heavy and connected in one long ribbon. This is all speculation as I have no idea what actually happened there, but if some of the reports are true, this is a truly unique level of damage.
  10. There are... rather persistent brash criticisms of Norman's ratings in the replies to their tweets today. There's discussing it here and reporting to them where damage may be that they haven't surveyed, and then there's that. Don't do that.
  11. In both chaser videos AND measured data, the low-level information that will come from the Wynnewood tornado is going to be tremendous.
  12. TN storm Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk