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Originally from Talkweather, I think I'll be spending a lot of time here too when the weather gets interesting.


Just your average Joe, yet quite a weather-obsessed fellow, particularly when severe storms/tornadoes and tropical cyclones are involved. My interest was sparked by Hurricane Opal, when I was four, and the central AL tornado outbreaks of April 1998, when I was seven. Now weather is kind of a lifelong passion. Or I plan for it to be. Or something.


No formal training yet but I have a perfect memory of past weather events that I was around for and am really good at remembering dates of events. I also am pretty handy with the EF scale and damage assessments. Well, unofficially of course. BMX wanted me as a volunteer intern several years back, in fact, though travel costs and times didn't let that work out sadly.


BOOKS AND BOOKS, I have nearly every tornado related book you could imagine. Name it, I got it. The Big Green Book, the 92-95 update, Nature's Ultimate Windstorm, The Verkaiks' book, Bluestein's book, Snowden Flora's book, David Ludlum's book, a rare special book about the '74 tornadoes, books on April 27, Alabama's Deadliest Tornadoes... the list goes on. I got 'em all. I am a library, I say! And videos, yes, those too - all the Tornado Video Classics and 7 years worth of VHS tapes covering nearly every local severe weather event in coverage as well as dozens, perhaps hundreds, of hours worth of hurricane coverage. I have 7 boxes with such VHS tapes. To anyone who likes 33/40's coverage and James Spann, or Alabama severe weather in general, I plan to have these digitized and uploaded in the next few years, so watch for that. So much severe weather live coverage it'll make your head spin - with delight!


DON'T FEAR, MY UNDERLINGS, I am a very well-trained NWS spotter, having trained under both the NWS and SKYWARN numerous times throughout the years. Thus, I do know what I'm looking for when watching storms, and thus have at least something to contribute to the warning process. Somehow.


I have a personal project I'm working on regarding Walker County (AL) tornadoes, particularly the November 10 2002 outbreak; you can find the just-barely-begun project here- http://walkercountyt....wordpress.com/ Feel free to mock my inexperience in web layout and design, as technology is moving way too fast for old folks like me. Kids these days and their Eye Phones and Coding and Four Gee and Why Fie! BAH!