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  1. Track SE of the benchmark and an arctic airmass in place. Tough to get mixing that far inland, i agree
  2. Im still trying to figure out how we start off as several hours of rain. Is 950mb torched?
  3. The 3k NAM on the other hand is stilly pretty jacked, and mixes a ton. It absolutely crushes WNE with the deform band.
  4. The NAM is slightly better for the folks worried about mixing. Glad it came off those super amped 6z runs
  5. RGEM and 3K Nam, along with some individual eps ensembles seemed to be the most tucked in guidance. Then 12k NAM/UKMET/EURO/GGEM/GFS a bit further east.
  6. Yea its really tucked and actually rains here for a while. Tossed until further notice.
  7. Lets lock that in. Its About as good as it gets for our area.
  8. The western/inland weenie bloodlust for more amped solutions is palpable, and James as their sacrificial lamb, but they are willing to sacrifice additional coastal folk if needed. So far through 18h, i dont see many big changes on the NAM
  9. What criteria is preventing this storm from potentially being classified as subtropical or tropical at least prior to the latitude of NC/VA?
  10. It was meh where i lived at the time..near the canal. 4-5" followed by a mix/rain
  11. These are details that can still change though. Thats why i say its worth waiting until 12z tomorrow with full sampling
  12. There's still the much talked about sampling thats supposed to clear things up between 0z tonight and 12z tomorrow. As it currently stands, there are too many factors (dual low, late phasing) mucking up a potentially great storm. Best dynamics blow their load west and south of us, then reconsolidate up in Maine/Canada with the parent low. There is still time though.
  13. I am in a bad location per the CMC and Euro. We wait til 00z..
  14. The late March '14 was dubbed 'The Behemoth' and it scraped extreme EMA with a couple inches while ACK got about 6"
  15. I only looked at the EURO 500mb chart and fully expected it to be good. Then i came on here and its all doom and gloom. Those snow maps are horrific. Wtf happened.
  16. Ultimately, i dont think the NAM extrapolated ends up much different than the other models. It still has a phasing issue
  17. Hard to believe we rain with that track on the CMC. Interesting
  18. You hope your prediction of 2' in your backyard is wrong? Come on
  19. This storm is going to lead some to their biggest melts of the year. You can just feel it.
  20. Ending as big flakes, and accumulating nicely. Prob end up over 1.5"
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