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  1. It's not sublimation changing numbers during the course of 12 hours or so, its compaction. Snow basically never stops falling....its always compacting together more efficiently, that's why glaciers form. Snow will continually settle until its a solid block of ice.
  2. They only verified for less than 10 percent of our area. There are better maps to use. I ended up with 12”, basically spot on the 10:1 forecast. If I went by a kuchera map, then my forecast busted by nearly 50 percent in my backyard.
  3. I should be right around 12-13”. I’ll update when I get home.
  4. We must have added 2-3 inches today. Definitely a solid finish to this one.
  5. TugHill Matt must be heading to Toronto next week....
  6. Right around 10-11 inches total right now but my snowboard location was particularly vulnerable to drifting with this wind so I had to measure a few other less reliable places. Still pretty good consensus around the yard.
  7. Well we’ve got something to track! At least for the next 6 hours haha. I’ll be in placid that weekend, what I wouldn’t give…
  8. Cleared the board again a couple minutes ago…2.5” of absolute dust, probably 8:1. That brings the daily total to just about 7 inches and I’d take that ~7” of this quality snow over 15 inches of 20:1 any day of the week. Plus it’s now been snowing for 24 hours straight which I really enjoy. Seems like we could get another 2-5 so perhaps a total of 9-12 at this point. Total on the ground right now is 14” so we start adding days to that interesting daily snow on the ground statistics (12”) that is notoriously hard to tack on any days.
  9. I’m out driving around as per usual. Went bowling and dropped friends off downtown. It’s certainly bad but nothing too crazy. Roads aren’t anywhere as bad as that last synoptic system but still fun. Anytime I’m in 4x4 I’m a happy guy. Looks like 6-8 for the most part. Definitely could make a run at 12 if the radar holds.
  10. It’s because last night I mentioned how the extended looked great and we were going to hold this snowpack for a couple weeks. Damnit all.
  11. 4 inches on the button but high density stuff. Board was cleared at 6pm. We’ll see what we can tack on from now till later tonight.
  12. Well wouldnt that be a fun plot twist! Don't tell them I spend all day on here during storms! I'm trying to think of another weather nerd at this place??
  13. These tables are in a pretty sheltered place. I’m not trying to suppress numbers, we just haven’t gotten much yet.
  14. I can only hope I’m wrong. The last big synoptic storm pounded me with some of the heaviest rates I’ve ever seen and we still somehow only managed 11 inches. It’s just hard to get a truly big one these days. But I will admit the upstream moisture feed right now is very impressive.
  15. Winds are starting to pick up nicely out of the north now. Blowing and drifting should be significant overnight! I’ll be able to provide a good number as soon as I get home and clear the board.
  16. I've only walked outside my building and poked around. It's just not amounting to much. It's like magic snow, except its not the fun kind of magic...
  17. You cut that number in half and you get 9-10 inches which seems right on track to be honest, and I'd be more than happy with 10 for this storm.
  18. On a positive note, temp is down to 24 and the sun sets in an hour or so which certainly plays in our favor
  19. Roc creeping along at a snails pace, right around 2 inches so far. Got a long way to go to hit the 12-18 but deeper moisture is finally starting to show up on radar.
  20. This map certainly has the most reasonable numbers. Seems like Buffalo will go higher than those but overall I think this is where we end up. A great storm for almost this whole forum (Sorry Catskills posters )
  21. Probably only a new inch on the ground here so far, max diurnal heating right now which is hurting us. Things should really ramp up later this afternoon with sunset and the primary push of moisture. I can see some subtle hints of lake enhancement on a NNE wind. I'm being patient with such a nice long duration event.
  22. Maybe I could install some turbines or fans in the bed of the truck to give it a boost of wind as I cruise through the "impassable" roads.
  23. Yeah, it actually takes a lot of the fun out of storms with how well things are handled around here. Some nights when I'm out chasing I get so sad when I see a plow ruining all the fun. Would love to have a storm where there were no plows or salts trucks for 24 hours. Just let that snow pile up on the roads!
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