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  1. Of course we end up under the pivot point of a wintry low in April and somehow it’s snow. While this same setup in January would have somehow given me rain.
  2. Pretty nice satellite showing the highly localized lake snows from the past few days. Quite the strip through wayne county with an impressive drop off just to the NorthEast! The wispyness of the snow cover East of Huron is also pretty interesting.
  3. That first car in the video has the dumbest driver I've ever seen. Just hanging out and chilling as if its not an ongoing super dangerous situation. He then goes from the dumbest person to the luckiest guy in the world at 42 seconds. If you are ever in a situation like this, get out of your car and get the **** up and off the highway ASAP!
  4. Georgian bay connection looking very strong as the coldest air is deepening the convective layer over GB as per this latest loop. Taking aim at Monroe county.
  5. I run a dehumidifier whenever it is warm enough to do so which is typically April though early November. During that time, it probably clears close to 70 pints of water everyday. Then during winter the house is so dry there is no moisture concern. Keeping a good coat of sealer on the walls will also help. It’s manageable with just the most basic amount of effort in my opinion.
  6. I would guess that greater than 95% of houses in upstate have a basement. I would never ever consider purchasing a house without one. The amount of stuff in my basement is pretty ridiculous. It’s such valuable space. I will say that my basement will flood within hours without supplemental pumping in the event of a power outage, but I’ve got redundant systems installed and have had little issue over the years.
  7. 26 degrees and what little snow we have is melting faster than it’s accumulating. That high sun angle can’t be stopped.
  8. You’d never guess this was a loop from the last week of March.
  9. Yeah today is spring fest with pond skimming. Not sure the trail count but obviously greatly reduced. I think it’s shitty they are still charging full price. $93 bucks tomorrow. Ooof
  10. It seems odd because it’s not going to happen. Lol
  11. One last ridiculous fantasy map for the year. Ugh. Rochester isn’t getting more than an inch or two on the grass at best. The bands tomorrow will be ridiculously cellular and the snow will struggle mightily to accumulate. I am however eyeing cattaraugus county though. Can holiday valley salvage a decent day with a little elevation? They are right on the cusp according to the point and click. I’d make one last run if I knew they could get 6.
  12. You mean because of the rain? They are having a huge festival there all day with bands so it should be full steam ahead, albeit a soggy day, I almost was going to go, glad I'm not now. Next week is the Spring carnival and I plan to be there for that as long as it isnt raining, you gotta love watching that pond skimming at the bottom of Yodeler. Bristol is still 100 percent open with a 30-50 inch base. I'll be there on Friday for some delightful slushy laps.
  13. It was a solid day on the mountain with snow falling all day and it was a dense but dry consistency. I don’t think we got more than 6 inches though. Still more than enough to make it really fun.
  14. Well they definitely need the snow. This was a little side shoot that services ski in and ski out houses (only had natural snow). Not our best choice. Haha.
  15. I’ve made it to Vermont. Decided to ride at Pico today instead of sugarbush as conditions are pretty uninspiring and tickets were 100 dollars cheaper. Mesos seem to put me in a sweet spot tomorrow afternoon. Looks like it’ll be a wild day.
  16. Probably my favorite mountain on the whole east coast when they have the snow. The glades are incredible.
  17. I expect a little rain sat morning. But I’m going up tomorrow so I can get a solid day in before the storm. If sat is washout that’s the way it goes and I might hit Gore on Sunday.
  18. Alright, I'm pushing off for Vermont at 4am tomorrow morning/tonight. Still riding the hairy edge of that rain snow line, but that's typically where you want to be. I'm hoping some elevation also helps out. Good luck to everyone with what will likely be the last "big one" of this winter.
  19. Polar opposite storm. Insane blocking that damn nearly had it stationary for 12 hours.
  20. Wow. You’d rather ski hard pack ice than powder, and miss an awesome storm solely because you don’t want to drive in a little snow. What in the world is going on here. Move to florida. Haha
  21. Mesos tell me to stay put. Globals tell me to get on the road. This is maddening.
  22. At least one person on this forum is feeling ok with this trend, but I do feel guilty.
  23. Hey B dubs, did you see this article? Reminded me of when you had your incident last year, or two years ago. That pre workout stuff is dangerous... This poor guy really screwed up though... https://www.ksat.com/news/2022/03/06/personal-trainer-dies-from-caffeine-overdose-equaling-200-cups-of-coffee-reports-say/
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