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  1. Cincy12

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Meanwhile, Santa Rosa "Navarre Beach" is leaving it up to the residents to decide....
  2. Cincy12

    Major Hurricane Michael

    And to see the damage caused by Ike was incredible. Especially, in the Ohio valley.
  3. Cincy12

    Hurricane Michael

    Surprised I haven't seen some facebook picture showing the 12z Nam 3k yet.... That would be epic destruction.
  4. Cincy12

    July 19-20 Severe Weather

    I hate to say it, but inexperience on the Captain's end is ultimately, what sank this vessel.
  5. Cincy12

    January 11-13 Winter Storm

    10 minutes away from downtown Cincinnati on US 50 we are rain here currently. Outside temp is 34.
  6. Cincy12

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    Pixie dust here basically next to the river.
  7. Cincy12

    February 15-17th Storm Threat

    Why is Accuweather predicting 3-6 for Cincinnati? what are they seeing?
  8. Cincy12

    Let's Talk Winter

    Well looks like with the recent models it's looking like south trend is in favor! Luckily, I'll be headed to the British Virgin Islands! I'll deal with the disappointment in style!
  9. Cincy12

    Let's Talk Winter

    Buddy your name is in red not me! We shall see. I Really do appreciate your feed back regardless I defer to your expertise.
  10. Cincy12

    Let's Talk Winter

    I totally agree with you! Only thing that gets me is every system I have tracked has normally tracked North. Which the end result screwed Cincinnati! Now this system is tracking south? Where's the last minute adjustment which will put us in the hot spot? Or at least better than we are tracking now?
  11. Cincy12

    Jan. 22nd-23rd threat

    Wish I didn't run out of PCP! This way i could enjoy Buckeye's weenie statement!
  12. Cincy12

    Let's Talk Winter

    Does the Cincinnati downtown region worry you with your prediction?
  13. Cincy12

    Let's Talk Winter

    Does the Cincinnati downtown region worry you with your prediction?
  14. Cincy12

    Jan. 22nd-23rd threat

    I love how my comment states " Am i seeing things "