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  1. Or COVID showed a potentially life threatening issue while in her 20’s rather than her 40-50’s. COVID could of seriously save her life. As crappy as that sounds.
  2. Just like going to a restaurant? Somehow the risk magically goes away when I sit down? Now I can “take my mask off”? Meanwhile, I got the sick cook cooking my plate, the sick bartender making me a drink, just to have the sick waitress/waiter hand me my food and drink? Same applies when I’m at the grocery store. Sick individual, decides they don’t want the crappy stuffing anymore and puts it back on the shelve. I proceed to touch and purchase said crappy stuffing.Only to have the guy behind me coughing and not wearing a mask. Guess what, I’m now infected. Is that a lot of “what if’s” sure it is, but don’t think the mask is the end all be all.? So what’s the plan? Hotdog or a laughing face? That should suffice.
  3. I think half the problem is with the unfortunate data we have. Now how do we handle said data? Considering we basically let our guard down for the second wave? Should we shut down world economies? Forget about all other medical conditions other than Covid? Encourage even more mental health deaths? I for one don’t have an answer. Honestly there isn’t a right answer to this problem, just a better course, of which history will tell I suppose. Is having a turkey dinner with your family irresponsible? Yes, but so is going to your local grocery store. Who am I to judge
  4. You don’t have to salute the man, but you will salute the rank! Ah yes, I miss it sometimes. Thank you for your service.
  5. For countries with some sort of building requirements, I’d say life changing. BVI’s are still rebuilding from Irma. The headlines won’t show buildingS destroyed. Unfortunately, they will show death counts. Sad day. May they find high ground.
  6. Just left Juanas, where we sailed in the regatta. My uncle has place at beach colony. Left a bit early for obvious reasons. I Hope you and my Navarre friends stay safe!
  7. Levi Cowan @TropicalTidbits (2/2) 1) A larger eye typically implies a slower rate of intensification until the eye shrinks a bit 2) A larger vortex is more resistant to being tilted and thus more resilient to shear #Laura's intensification may remain gradual today/tonight before quickening tomorrow.
  8. To many uncertainties. NHC is currently calling as it is. If that changes, they will correct accordingly. Although totally different storms, check out Marco. Thought to be a hurricane, only to be destroyed by unfavorable conditions. 88-89 degree water doesn’t always win.
  9. Green township Cincinnati OH 45248
  10. I’m a first timer! Pretty neat! Although may not end up with crazy totals, thisis pretty exciting
  11. About 10 miles from the river and we are seeing mix now
  12. Easy now. God help the Mets if this turn out to do nothing
  13. Nothing in Cincy no rain or anything. Calm before the storm?
  14. This was expected... I think patience is our friend