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  1. Appreciated thanks!
  2. I haven't been on the ncep site in months and the maps look a little different. I know last year it seemed to be way behind in updating during model runs too. What site do you guys recommend?
  3. I'll also take a Sunday night NAMing
  4. Guys lets just all get along. This forum is so much different that reading mid atlantic forum. Side note I am in for deep creek!
  5. Keep this nudging west until the end. If this is going to be a storm of historic proportions wouldn't be surprised if we squeaked out double digits. I am done worrying about jackpots at this point. Someday I will chase for a jackpot lol
  6. I'm trying to stay positive since all models are still showing us with some accumulation at least. There is still some time left for an adjustment but I will gladly take whatever snow we get even if only a few inches!
  7. Drinking a hop juju now trying to force this west!
  8. That is just insane wow! 8 members with 2ft. Fun to look at least
  9. Looking forward to a fun weekend of tracking this monster. Hopefully we can get in on some of the good snows as well!
  10. Roads fine out this way but did scrape off about 2 inches of heavy wet snow off the cars. Started snowing again lightly here also. Really liking the trends for Mon/Tues with still time to go.
  11. I wouldn't give up on the Tuesday storm just yet. If we can get an earlier phase with the southern energy it could pull the track west.
  12. I feel like the better trends for Thu/Fri wave have coincided with a weakening of the Sat/Sun wave. Now another wave is showing up Tuesday.
  13. I feel like this is the way most of our threats have fallen apart this year. Start out looking nice then turn into squashed messes to the south.
  14. When does the 12z para come out? Wonder if it is going to move south with the weekend event as well.