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  1. Amazing how tolerable 90 with a dewpoint of 56 is compared to last Wednesday/Thursday.
  2. What a mess with the train derailment. Just read an article that said boat traffic will be closed from the accident site all the way down to the point. This has to be one of the bigger boating weekends of the year I’d imagine.
  3. Huge flakes driving in to work today for probably a good 30 minutes. Still snowing nicely now. This was a nice surprise event, hoping for one more fun trackable event Saturday.
  4. Question for you guys since I haven't been following this storm at all since PA is warm sectored. I have a connecting flight leaving Midway tomorrow night at 10:15PM. Is the worst of the storm expected Thursday AM meaning we should be OK for take off? I see some wind and rain in the point and click forecast but it doesn't look like the changeover happens until after midnight? Thanks for any help or info you can provide and hope you guys cash in on some snow!
  5. We were pretty spoiled in January as far as tracking goes. Feels like this week is dragging by with not much time to waste looking at models lol.
  6. Back home and it’s 34. Turns out moderate rain at 34 is looking the same as moderate rain at 30 did.
  7. Trying not to think about how much we would have with an all snow event. Moisture still stretched all the way back into Texas.
  8. 30-31 and rain all day here hasn't produced much different besides a minor glaze on some trees if it is any consolation ha.
  9. It looks like it degraded a bit from how it looked yesterday. I will be out of town Feb 16-21 and am a big enough weenie that I booked this trip keeping the seasonal outlooks I read in mind (Warm Feb in La nina). Last time I've gone away during winter was 2014 and we came back the day after a 6-10 inch storm I believe. So if you guys cash in during the 3rd week of February you're all welcome
  10. For being a weak low pressure there is a ton of moisture transport with this thing. Pretty cool to see on the radar.
  11. Is that little wedge of snow nosing into beaver county legit on radar?
  12. 31 here with rain picking up. Nothing accreting on surfaces at this point.
  13. Isn't that a reversal from what it had been showing? Wasn't 3K the colder one?
  14. Completely agree with this. I wonder if that minimizes the impact until dark for most roads even in the spots where it is below freezing all day.
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