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  1. It’s the Saturday storm bombing out near cape cod that is making Sunday flatter on the 0z models. Pretty discouraging trends so far but I guess one of the risks with a fast flow and too many shortwaves
  2. Pretty intense squall in Robinson in the last 15 minutes. Probably a quick inch or close to it in that time. This has be hungry for a big storm
  3. I agree, on a large scale it’s incredible how well this was modeled really from 7-10 days out. Focusing on our small region it’s incredible how a subtle shift completely changed our outcome.
  4. The euro may be king for other locations but it absolutely sh*t the bed for us on this one. The gfs gets a bad wrap but didn’t flinch. Another thing I find curious is why Mets care about being reactionary. On Twitter they are getting blasted from basically everyone. Even their own semi-colleagues like hosts on the fan are just killing them. What is the big deal about changing your forecast. Why do you have to put out a consistent forecast that doesn’t change. The atmosphere isn’t static so why would a forecast have to be. One thing that definitely frustrates me as this will be referenced the next time we are in the crosshairs for a storm. Sorry for the rant, move to banter if need be.
  5. This was an especially tough one for me after how much time we spent in good snows on the models. I remember last Friday was the first hint at a huge storm and we were on the northern edge with a foot plus on the euro. I think more than anything this makes me appreciate how rare feb 2010 was. Literally it seems like the only time we can get crushed is if it is modeled well south and we get a slow shift north. I’m still hopeful for the rest of the winter so I won’t let this spoil our next threat. Part of the fun for me is watching the models give us snow. I know a lot of our posters are frustrated but our next big one will eventually happen.
  6. My bar is set at 6 hours of snow and 4 inches
  7. It was actually a lot better at 0z that gave me some hope. But yes let’s hope it’s over done
  8. Rgem drives the low up to the west of pit.
  9. I thought the mix line stayed south of the city. Usually if we are in the pinkish purple that will be counted on the snowfall map but I didn’t notice any sleet from the city north. Doesn’t mean it will necessarily fall that way though
  10. 12k shifted a little north but still keeps the changeover line south of the city
  11. Eliminated most of the members that get close to our latitude. I’m liking this a lot.
  12. That’s a huge shift on the gfs as well. Anxiously waiting on the ukie and euro
  13. Rgem shifted south as well. Let’s keep this going