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  1. The trend needed to stop 3 runs ago. Let’s hope we get fringed south until Sunday evening
  2. I’m too lazy to look up the numbers but I remember February 09 had a crazy warm spell. Either way this winter has been dogsh*t. Probably the least fun in the 2 years I’ve been tracking. We’ll get an above normal winter again.. probably soon.. climate change is real and none of us will be alive at a point where the snowfall amount this winter is considered “normal”. See you guys next fall.
  3. At the in-laws in Johnstown for the rest of the week so figured I’d pop in this thread. Picked up over an inch already this morning
  4. At least our epic pattern is breaking down the day after Christmas. Melt complete
  5. It is crazy that people way smarter than me don’t see what’s happening. Last cutter was modeled to have some snow behind. Maybe we get what we got last night. That’s a huge disappointment
  6. Yea that works out almost never with snow on the back end. Christmas a few years ago is the only one that comes to mind recently where there was actually appreciable snow when the front moved through and I believe there was a wave moving along the boundary which helped. I’d bet on brown ground unless this shifts significantly east.
  7. That was predictable. The optimist in me says this won’t be a coastal but maybe won’t be a huge cutter so I think we’re in better shape than I-95
  8. Don't worry at 18z the GFS will probably jackpot us as it begins to cave to the other models.
  9. I'm thinking that low that moves through the lakes Monday/Tuesday on the GFS is important in keeping the heights lower out ahead of our storm?
  10. I think it is viewed as worse than the other models. GFS looks like its gonna be a beatdown.
  11. Euro Verbatim is pretty good for us. What we don't want is the Euro to show that frontal passage look it was a few days ago.. which the ICON just did lol.
  12. Depends on the angle it approaches. If it is negatively tilted and backs into eastern pa on a nw trajectory I doubt we’d mix. The Euro shows something similar to this. Gfs is more progressive and further off shore moving ne.
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