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  1. Nice to be back at it with everyone again. Seems like we’ve had a few great tracks already in November just not quite cold enough. Thursday looks interesting for a brief mix at the start and maybe a change back to snow at the end.
  2. I grew up in Apollo. Did you go to school at Saltsburg? How did the area fair with the storm yesterday? It seemed like we always did well in situations like yesterday with a little aid from elevation.
  3. It seems like the next 2 storms are going to have us dealing with the warm tongue. It doesn’t seem we have had to worry about that as much in the last couple of years. Looks like Sunday and Tuesday could be the slop storms that seemed common several years ago.
  4. 10:1 snow map looks like 1-3 inches until you get way north and west unless I’m seeing things.
  5. Well Let’s hope the euro can beat the gfs this time.
  6. Gfs has consistently showed the least snow for us.
  7. I’d be surprised if it happens as depicted. Even areas north and west of the city which have been getting most on all of the models get shafted. Just seems like a weird distribution but who knows
  8. 18z nam actually has more snow in eastern areas. Weird max snow band but a good hit region wide.
  9. Wow that looks good at 10:1 on the euro. Low track looked like it had to be favorable but that’s based on 24 hr panels. Nice to have the euro on our side.
  10. Yea I agree I am just surprised that it really has trended away for big snows for anyone, even Ohio and West New York.
  11. So we can get an east shift on all models but the storm fizzles. I guess it’s better than all rain.
  12. The nam jumps the low from Tennessee to South Carolina at one point lol. I guess it’s better than being west but doesn’t seem very plausible. Heavy sleet on this run but definitely colder than previous run.
  13. Yea that is a pretty big change compared to last nights run. It seems the ones that get us more significant snow are weaker storms in general. We needed to stop the bleeding and that jump from the euro was about as good as we could hope for 1 run at this range.
  14. I would think feb 5-6 2010. But I lived in Columbus from 2010-2014 and can’t recall my sisters ever telling me we got over a foot in one storm.
  15. Yea after seemingly 2 years of threats that got suppressed we can’t get any help on this one. I wish I wouldn’t have gotten invested in this one, this is a frustrating hobby lol.