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  1. Pretty spot on about the snow climo. Elevation in and around the city does make a bit of difference like you pointed out about the airport. Although, there isn't any noticeable uptick unless you are moving into the Laurel Highlands (about 40-60 miles south east of the city). The mountains are in a much better spot for catching some good snows from coastal lows than the city.
  2. One of the best snow squalls I’ve witnessed. About 15 min of very heavy snow with huge winds. dropped close to an inch in oakmont
  3. Looks like a pretty uniform 4-6+ over Westmoreland County. Shifted from where that heavy band was setting up about 24 hours ago with most models
  4. This really looks like a brief window of heavy snow. I’ll take it but man what could have been if we had some cold air
  5. The 12z GFS has a perfect miller A track around day 9-10 and we still manage to rain. I was reading a thread psuhoffman started in the mid atlantic forum discussing past borderline events and it was pretty depressing. I'm not sure if it is just a recent run of bad luck or if there is a longer term trend related to a changing climate but it frustrating seeing the lack of cold air ruin these tracks that should work out in the heart of winter.
  6. The whole evolution looks too much like a late blooming miller B to me. The primary even though weak just sorta meanders in Indiana before transferring too far north. Pretty crazy the cutoff to our east, I wonder if it actually plays out like shown.
  7. The above map is pretty hilarious. Could not draw it up worse.
  8. It really is too bad we don't have a better airmass leading into this weekend's system as we would probably looking at prolonged light to moderate event. Models seem to be picking up on another southern stream event for next weekend, although cold rain as depicted on 12z Gfs. It would be frustrating for 2 close misses like that with late January temps but it is what it is I guess.
  9. That would make sense since the airport is only a few miles away, although I didn't realize there was that much elevation west of the city. The river definitely seems to impact accumulations. Last year there were a couple of times when driving a mile or two up the hill into Plum/Penn Hills you could tell a difference in the amount of snow on the ground.
  10. Anyone live in the area near Robinson? There must be some decent elevation out this way. I started working here a few years ago and I can't get over the difference in snow here compared to home (Oakmont).
  11. It’s the Saturday storm bombing out near cape cod that is making Sunday flatter on the 0z models. Pretty discouraging trends so far but I guess one of the risks with a fast flow and too many shortwaves
  12. Pretty intense squall in Robinson in the last 15 minutes. Probably a quick inch or close to it in that time. This has be hungry for a big storm