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  1. Woke up to 36 at a little before 6 AM. Looks like a couple warm days before another seasonably cool fall weekend. Almost time to get some digital blue in fantasy land hopefully.
  2. Last week was perfect with crisp mornings and sunny warmish afternoons. Hope you have a fast recovery.
  3. I guess if we're stuck under a ridge I'd rather have it now than in December.
  4. No cold fronts on the horizon for at least the next week judging by my point and click. I guess nothing else to do but take advantage of the warmth and get in some more outdoor activities.
  5. Can't deny there are definitely unpleasant parallels there. What bothers me most about the Steelers is that they have moved on from legends who clearly started declining throughout their history including at QB. They seemed to have convinced themselves that all QB's approaching 40 are equal at a position that has seen older players remain effective. Ben isn't Brady, Rodgers, or even Brees and that should have been apparent even before his elbow surgery.
  6. Lol I was at the Steeler game yesterday and realizing we could be entering a really down time for Pittsburgh sports. For the pirates to be competitive they need to be nearly flawless with their player development and scouting and they certainly haven't been.
  7. They started winning too frequently starting around mid August to get back to back number 1 picks. They'll probably land somewhere in the top 5.
  8. It feels pretty chilly with a good breeze blowing outside. Next few days look beautiful.
  9. Hopefully atmospheric memory replays this in about 4 months
  10. My wife and I have both had covid in November and were vaccinated in January. Some sniffles the last 2 weeks and neither of us tested positive. We live in western pa and were just elevated to substantial transmission. I do not know a single person that has tested covid positive recently. Sorry to barge in this thread love the banter
  11. Always wish I would have went to school there. Mountain View was in really good shape for 40$. Otto’s was bigger than I expected. Probably an awesome place to watch PSU games. Had the green weenie ipa and their lager which were both good. Supposed to play Bedford springs tomorrow but looking iffy based on how much rain they got today and tomorrow’s forecast. Thanks again for the help
  12. Thanks for the help! I think we’re going to try Otto’s, looked at their website and seems like they have a good variety.
  13. Can anyone familiar with the State College area offer advice on a good brewery to check out? Playing golf at Mountain View with the in-laws tomorrow and looking to try some beer while in the area before heading back. Thanks!
  14. I actually enjoy the cool mornings as long as the sun is out and temperature gets to 60-70 in the afternoon. Definitely done with the crap we endured last weekend and looking forward to the warmer days ahead.
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