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  1. February is upon us - pattern change is in order

    I just logged in to say the same thing. This is the iciest winter I can recall in terms of ice-rink-for-a-driveway mornings. I'm in Groton, MA now with a nice long driveway and have gone through ten 40 pound bags of Ice Melt. That's more than double what I remember using in prior years.
  2. Nearing the 2nd half of Meteorological winter:

    Crazy evolution of next weekends storm on the 12z GFS. I've seen models do that "cut then slide east" maneuver only a few times. I don't remember ever seeing an actual storm system do that though. Edit for clarity: At panel hr 174 signal looks like its headed over the lakes and to Montreal. By 192 hrs its swung past the GOM and is over Presque Isle.
  3. Winter model mehhem or mayhem nature will decide

    That ice storm is a little concerning and would have serious impacts as modeled on the OP 6z GFS. Time to look into buying a generator?
  4. Winter model mehhem or mayhem nature will decide

    To me a thaw is when you can finally see the blacktop on your driveway. Scrape the sludge off the driveway and get back down to bare pavement. Beyond that I don't think we require massive amounts of snow loss to be considered a thaw.
  5. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    Your welcome. For what its worth today's 12z NAM again shows a huge bomb. Enjoy the snow.
  6. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    12z NAM is a huge bomb.
  7. This makes sense, thanks!
  8. Does Groton, MA count as SNE or CNE?
  9. NNE Fall Thread

    I just noticed the hugely improved snow stake camera at Sugarbush. They elevated the platform and it looks to be in a nice sheltered location. I'm glad they listened to all the feedback they got last year!
  10. Countdown to Winter 2017-2018 Thread

    This is exactly what worries me with regards to AGW. We can be lulled to sleep by the solar minimum only to ride the other side of the saw-tooth towards a perhaps sudden and very troublesome global heat wave. What happens then?
  11. The 2016-17 Ski Season Thread

    Yeah its going to be close I think. I'm watching the webcam every day to try and monitor the amount of melting. We're just starting to see the S-turn start to melt inwards from the edges. This is the traditional marker of the beginning of the end. I'll be curious to see how damaging tomorrow and Thursday are to this region of Superstar. If they make it to June 1 I'm going to try and head up. That's a Thursday but they may open just for that day because I'm thinking that every day is going to count when it comes to late may melting. Either way I'm trying to head up on Saturday. Already have permission from the wife - so I'm half-way there!
  12. NNE Spring Thread

    The exception to this rule for me (as a mostly flat lander) is that I want fall and early spring to be as cold as possible for snowmaking and snowpack retention reasons respectively. A cold fall allows the resorts to open earlier and expand faster and a cold spring allows them to remain open later.
  13. NNE Spring Thread

    Sugarbush's mid mountain and base snowfall reports seem really accurate to me. The summit snowfall reporting always seems slightly exaggerated this year though. I think they had a pretty good year at mid mountain relative to their average.
  14. NNE Spring Thread

    At the Bush today - great snow up high. Paste job at mid mountain and like 3 sloppy inches at 1500 ft. Think the realistic total at the summit is roughly 9-10 inches. It's thick snow so it skies deeper than that though. Pretty great day so far. Tomorrow should be fun to for those who can stay.
  15. NNE Spring Thread

    Thanks Jinx and JSpin! I've pulled the metaphorical trigger and am driving up tonight! Should be a sweet day tomorrow at the Bush!