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  1. This should be better for everyone involved. I recall there was some kerfuffle between the condo owners, the resort owners, and Boyne due to confusion as to who was responsible for what when it comes to maintenance, upgrades, and operations details. Having Boyne own the resorts means they have better incentive to continuously update and improve the surrounding area since it will only increase the value of their property.
  2. 18z Nam comming in warmer than 12z for central VT on North. I'm hoping for decent snow storm for the Killington to Stowe corridor - even though I can't ski right now with a newborn at home. Its like rooting for the old home team even though you can't watch any of the games.
  3. BOX updated their forecast but stayed pretty conservative along the North and West of the center stage so to speak. 5" at ORH and 4" for Fitchburg.
  4. The NWS BOX map was last updated at 3am. Do we think it ticks up an inch or two along the northwest edge of the gradient?
  5. NAM was reasonably close at last week's storm and at about this lead time. Looks over done though.
  6. I'm not sure how I missed that. I guess I typically only look for results of the regions I'm most interested in (MBY and local ski hills).
  7. This storm looks historic for New Jersey. How often do they get slammed like that, let alone in the second half of March?
  8. In the big storms I ended up with 0", then 17" and then 23" of snow. The depth was unmeasured but surely close to 2' the first full day after the big storm. Right now I'd guess that I've got 5-7" of snow cover left on the ground so I think that map is pretty accurate. There was a huge amount of compaction after the second big storm. That storm had a really really low water density. After the 2-3 hour monster snow band passed through I took a walk around my backyard. It was the sort of snow that you can comfortably walk through without post-holing in your boots even though the depth is up to or past your knees. Its a weird feeling walking through fluffy snow like that - the snow just parts around your legs and if you look behind the only evidence of your path is a 2-3 inch depression in the depth of the snow. The edges of your path smooth out instantly. Its also the sort of snow that seems to muffle sound - something I particularly enjoy.
  9. That's weird because I spent more time chopping ice this year than any other year since I bought my first home (2011). It seemed like after the big January storm every other storm for me was a kitchen sink / rain-ice-snow-ice-rain storm. The last few weeks have been great though! Big windy rain storm followed immediately by two huge snowstorms have been fun for me.
  10. I was on the western edge of the death band in Groton, MA. The snow was cresting over the top of my snowblower last night - something that has only happened to me 3 other times before and not since the crazy time that was January-February of 2015. NWS BOX has North Chelmsford at 23.7" which is the closest area to me with reliable reports.
  11. Yeah - never seen a modeled SLP do that before. Its like fujiwhara-ing about an invisible secondary low.
  12. 14" on the dot yesterday at 9:30am in Groton, MA. Moderate snows for another few hours after that but the settled depth never got much about 14". Anyone have an accurate storm total for the Westford, Groton, Chelmsford, or Littleton area? I think it would come up a fair bit higher than my measurement with a snowboard and 6hr clearings.
  13. How do we feel about next week's system? GFS OP has a nice hit. EURO looks like a scraper but I can only see the operational run in 24hr increments. GEM has a fish storm. Apparently UK shows a nice hit? Could be a fun few days!