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  1. This makes sense, thanks!
  2. Does Groton, MA count as SNE or CNE?
  3. I just noticed the hugely improved snow stake camera at Sugarbush. They elevated the platform and it looks to be in a nice sheltered location. I'm glad they listened to all the feedback they got last year!
  4. This is exactly what worries me with regards to AGW. We can be lulled to sleep by the solar minimum only to ride the other side of the saw-tooth towards a perhaps sudden and very troublesome global heat wave. What happens then?
  5. Yeah its going to be close I think. I'm watching the webcam every day to try and monitor the amount of melting. We're just starting to see the S-turn start to melt inwards from the edges. This is the traditional marker of the beginning of the end. I'll be curious to see how damaging tomorrow and Thursday are to this region of Superstar. If they make it to June 1 I'm going to try and head up. That's a Thursday but they may open just for that day because I'm thinking that every day is going to count when it comes to late may melting. Either way I'm trying to head up on Saturday. Already have permission from the wife - so I'm half-way there!
  6. The exception to this rule for me (as a mostly flat lander) is that I want fall and early spring to be as cold as possible for snowmaking and snowpack retention reasons respectively. A cold fall allows the resorts to open earlier and expand faster and a cold spring allows them to remain open later.
  7. Sugarbush's mid mountain and base snowfall reports seem really accurate to me. The summit snowfall reporting always seems slightly exaggerated this year though. I think they had a pretty good year at mid mountain relative to their average.
  8. At the Bush today - great snow up high. Paste job at mid mountain and like 3 sloppy inches at 1500 ft. Think the realistic total at the summit is roughly 9-10 inches. It's thick snow so it skies deeper than that though. Pretty great day so far. Tomorrow should be fun to for those who can stay.
  9. Thanks Jinx and JSpin! I've pulled the metaphorical trigger and am driving up tonight! Should be a sweet day tomorrow at the Bush!
  10. What do you guys think about the overnight and morning weather tomorrow for the spine of the green mountains? 3km NAM shows snow shower activity all along the spine. Does it add up at all? What do the surface temps look like? Again, the NAM has the 2m temps below freezing throughout most of the day but I'm not sure that's real. Thanks! Edit: NWS by point and click has reasonable accumulations (4-8) at mid-mountain for a few of the ski resorts I clicked on. Very low accumulations near the parking lots or base areas for example, for Stowe or Sugarbush. This seems logical to me. Cheers!
  11. TV Mets under-forecasting this one. In general they seem to err on the side of lesser impacts and lesser snowfall totals. I'm working at the home office tonight but I heard a broadcast met from the TV in the living room mention 1-3 for all or most of eastern MA and 4-8 Manchester north. All the model runs I can find seem to over-perform this. That said, when I rip and read the model QPF / weenie maps and contradict Mets I'm almost always wrong. What are they seeing that I'm missing? Bad thermal profiles?
  12. NNE has chances at snow throughout the medium and long range guidance right now. For me, at this time of year, I'll take that in a heart beat. I don't mind misery mist IMBY if just to my north some folks are getting useful snow.
  13. I had a great time at Sugarbush with my wife this weekend! Stayed at a friend's ski rental property near the access road. Got to the hill right at 8am to see some long lines but it was worth the wait. Most trails were in great shape. There were soft bumps on Castlerock and even Lower OG. Hit some woods off of North Lynx as well. My wife had a great day as well (she's took a year off to gestate our child so she's just getting bitten by the bug again). Some of the old classics were in great shape too, Spring Fling, Jester, Sleeper, and Snowball were all fun rides with well groomed packed powder and soft edges. The crowd died down around 2:30pm and we managed to get 14-15 runs in even with the Heaven's Gate shutdown slowing us down around mid-morning. Stayed at LP the whole time. Fun day! Sorry: no pics. Snow was in good shape more or less everywhere - except a few rocky spots on the liftline at Castlerock.
  14. Its too bad that the gradient pattern seems to have set up with the cold/snowy side up in Canada for the next few weeks. I was hoping to see the models return to a better solution for NNE but it doesn't seem to be in the cards. Two big cutters potentially coming through before the end of the month.
  15. Thanks for linking that image KLW. I didn't see it posted. I'm surprised how well the snow held up through the big torch. I had heard that Sugarbush had everything but the high north-facing terrain get decimated by the 10-14 day torch.