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  1. I'm probably 30 miles from a sig snow event so I'm really hoping that this can come a bit south. Hopefully convection can do the trick and put N IL into the snow although I have doubts it will happen.
  2. My power has gone out twice, but came back on quickly both times. The snow falling off trees onto my roof is making a nice thud.
  3. It just changed over to snow here. I'm about 6 miles NW of ORD.
  4. I can only hope that run will verify. This is setting up nicely for my area.
  5. The 0z HRRR is a great look for Cyclone. Also, it does seem to push back the onset of precipitation around here which could make for a very bad Monday morning rush hour.
  6. This might be a close call for me. I would be pretty bummed to miss a Sunday snowstorm by a few dozen miles.
  7. 12z Euro would be beautiful for my area. I'm not quite sold that this won't end up a bit NW of here, but I like how it looks right now.
  8. I'm not sure that I'd go with ideal at this point. We're still a week out so we have plenty of time before we should get too excited.
  9. This is way out in fantasy land. It would be a huge waste of time to even consider low placement at this range. I would just stick with ensembles and be happy that we have some support for storm potential coming up. Anything other than that, too early.
  10. I agree with Hoosier here and don't think this will be a huge issue. Also, modeled cloud cover at this point isn't overly reliable. Since we are talking about 11/17, that was a day that ended up clearing out a bit more than originally thought. It wasn't necessary, but it certainly aided in even better instability.
  11. I believe Andy was referring to the potential coming up later next week and beyond, not the threat for this weekend. That does look like a nice Pac jet coming in. It should be an interesting time period to follow severe wise.
  12. I really don't know all that much about tropics, but how does the HWRF handle things compared to GFS/Euro? It was south a while before the other models corrected that way and it hasn't changed so I've been putting a bit more stock in its solution. It goes right across Cuba.
  13. I think people might be discounting the idea that this landfalls in Cuba and gets significantly weakened before any potential US impacts.