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  1. I agree with Hoosier here and don't think this will be a huge issue. Also, modeled cloud cover at this point isn't overly reliable. Since we are talking about 11/17, that was a day that ended up clearing out a bit more than originally thought. It wasn't necessary, but it certainly aided in even better instability.
  2. I believe Andy was referring to the potential coming up later next week and beyond, not the threat for this weekend. That does look like a nice Pac jet coming in. It should be an interesting time period to follow severe wise.
  3. I really don't know all that much about tropics, but how does the HWRF handle things compared to GFS/Euro? It was south a while before the other models corrected that way and it hasn't changed so I've been putting a bit more stock in its solution. It goes right across Cuba.
  4. I think people might be discounting the idea that this landfalls in Cuba and gets significantly weakened before any potential US impacts.
  5. HWRF has Irma going right across Cuba. It's been on the southern end of model guidance for a while so I'm definitely keeping an eye on how it evolves. That would be bad news for Cuba, but definitely good news for the US. It also seems to be pretty far west before it makes any turn, but the model only goes to 126hr so maybe it would soon thereafter
  6. Something about this just kind of rubs me the wrong way. People have to think about others on the road because getting some damn video or seeing a storm isn't worth killing someone else or yourself over. I feel so bad for Corbin and his family.
  7. I saw at least two signs as they approached the intersection that warned of the stop sign. That was so easily preventable.
  8. This might be key going forward. I'm hoping one of these systems can be a sacrificial lamb and get the moisture flowing without sweeping it back out in its wake.
  9. The upcoming period should be rather active, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a decent event come from it at some point. With that being said, I wouldn't get into too many details with the system next week. It has potential, but it also has moisture concerns written all over it. If we get into a period of somewhat prolonged western troughing then I wouldnt mind having that first system prime the moisture pump for something bigger to follow it.
  10. The HRRR is a bit off today. It never has it getting above 51 here, but we're already up to 55 with no sun so far.
  11. Agreed. Just a heads up to Anti tornado, we have a Medium/Long range thread and a Short/Medium range severe thread which is where this type of stuff should go. If we get close to an event and it looks worthwhile for a separate thread then that can happen in the days leading up to it.
  12. I think 5/24/11 had some VBV going on and it was still able to produce several sig tors. I know that day was somewhat messy which may be VBV related, but it still produced.
  13. Yes, that was an issue last year on a few occasions, and VBV was more of a symptom of a bigger problem. A system like the 4/26 one was doomed from the start, but VBV took the blame. This isn't a situation like that at all.
  14. Out of all my concerns with this set up, VBV is at the bottom of the list. I've heard this several times now and I get this feeling that people are overly obsessed with it after 4/26 last year.
  15. If we aren't going to get a big dog then I'll take this every time. Screw cold and suppressed.