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  1. His rant is hilarious. I'm not sure what Cat 2, 3, or 4 matters anyway as your picking up what's left of your life. I seriously doubt anyone on the ground today is like, damn the NHC for over rating this thing!
  2. .62in this morning. Nice thunder, a little small hail. It is soupy right now out. Definitely feels like more is in the offering later.
  3. Sun just peaking out here finally. We've jumped three degrees in the last hour or so. I think the game may be a foot.
  4. Can't see the sun yet but the storm that just rolled through has cleared out the fog and I can actually see clouds instead of just gray. Hopeful signs I think.
  5. Strong sunshine here now, with the temp up a good 7 degrees in a few hours.
  6. Still light/moderate rain here and over cast. Going to have to clear out and warm up fast I think for anything to get going now.
  7. decent wet snow here for a good hour now. Finally starting to cover the grass.
  8. Absolute rippage here right now. Heaviest snowfall I've seen this season.
  9. 3 inches of concrete here. Still coming down. It definitely switched to more of a mix for a couple hours but back to decent sized flakes now.
  10. Finally above freezing here. We have had freezing rain since 10am.. It's messy and the trees are really sagging. Still have power for now.
  11. 1.96 in of rain here and the temp is dropping fast.
  12. Was surprised to wake up dry today. Just dense fog for now.
  13. But at least it will be nice to have something to be disappointing over.
  14. What a difference a day makes. I'll take some ice potential with a decent helping of snow over 5 days of cold January rain. I'm going to try not and get to excited.
  15. That year was brutal. 1st day of harvest for us was on August 4th, we usually don't start until after Labor Day. Everything was just gone. We harvested 16 hours on the first day and only filled half a semi truck. Usually in a 16 hour day we would fill 25 or so. My Dad had tears in his eyes that night as we all went home for the day. Man that was a terrible year.