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  1. Finally above freezing here. We have had freezing rain since 10am.. It's messy and the trees are really sagging. Still have power for now.
  2. 1.96 in of rain here and the temp is dropping fast.
  3. Was surprised to wake up dry today. Just dense fog for now.
  4. But at least it will be nice to have something to be disappointing over.
  5. What a difference a day makes. I'll take some ice potential with a decent helping of snow over 5 days of cold January rain. I'm going to try not and get to excited.
  6. That year was brutal. 1st day of harvest for us was on August 4th, we usually don't start until after Labor Day. Everything was just gone. We harvested 16 hours on the first day and only filled half a semi truck. Usually in a 16 hour day we would fill 25 or so. My Dad had tears in his eyes that night as we all went home for the day. Man that was a terrible year.
  7. Seems like the cumulus field is getting a bit more agitated so maybe something will get going soon.
  8. Looks like a rain wrapped mess on KMBC. Pretty incredible motion though.
  9. This post will surely ease the minds of those that took damage and lost their lives tonight. Can I share this on social media so that the can all know they are lucky since you've seen worse?
  10. We just had a tornado warned storm come though. Pretty sure the worst missed just north but it was an impressive light and thundershow. Now torrential rain.
  11. Three inches of the heaviest wettest snow I can ever remember.
  12. Really nice severe warned storm here. I stayed with it until it got too dark to photograph. Now it's putting on a nice light show.
  13. I take my yard stick out to the yard and try to get three decent measurements and average them.
  14. Absolute rippage here still. Total sits at 15. Easily an inch plus an hour rates for the last hour and a half.
  15. Small very wet flakes still here. Thinking that might keep us from hitting those jackpot numbers earlier. I suppose it's still early but only 3 inches as of now.