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  1. Well, I had that January joke wrong at the doc's. This morning is January weather. 30 degrees, rain in the Dorptown. Though it is starting to rattle a little.
  2. Must have been quite the gradient today from some of your posts. Doubt it made it above 36-37 today in the Dorptown. At the chiro this morning, remarked on the 35 degree rain. "That's January weather there, that is." Doc's heavily into alpine skiing. Just gives me a look. I'm like, I probably shoulda said that *after* you adjusted my spine.
  3. When my dad was a forced laborer in Germany during WWII he said they saw those planes rivering over during the daylight raids. He said the beating they could take and keep flying was amazing. He said they'd be returning one propeller stopped and big holes in the wings and fuselage. He described the fighters on them as like flies on cows.
  4. I should take a pic of the Halloween stuff I saw in the local Home Depot while I was renting their paver saw. Who buys 30 foot tall plastic ugly crap for their yard? If you're going big on Halloween have creativity and do it yourself.
  5. Pine tree on the other side of my neighbors yard got the top 50 feet blown off it by CG as the first batch just got to us. I was walking back upstairs to the office with a cup of coffee and it was so loud I almost flinched the coffee on myself. The one cat that is deaf as a post woke up from a nap on the couch and peered out the window to see what was going on. 20190904_132445 by Tom Ambros, on Flickr
  6. We got about three inches in the Dorptown from a cell that developed and dumped right over us staying about stationary. In about an hour. My cellar hasn't had water in it for at least five years or so but I'm mopping tonight. Follow up line added some but probably not more than a half an inch or so. For a while there it was raining in all the windows on every side of the house before I closed them.
  7. Difference between a lake and a pond is sunlight reaches the bottom of a pond and there are no thermal strata in a pond.
  8. It may pick up east of here but that line looked great until it hit the hills in western Schenectady county. 10 miles later we got a few breezes and maybe a quarter inch of rain. Pffffthhh.
  9. Weather terminology can be so confusing. The weather app on my phone's text discussion: "A slow moving cold front will zip across the Northeast and off the coast this afternoon."
  10. They do a 500 mile ultra marathon bike race in Furnace Creek. I read a ride report and there was a picture of one of the riders slumped in the entryway to a convenient store eating ice with the caption "thank God for AC"
  11. Headed out on the bike this morning got a mile down the road big flash thought "Halluie?" heard the roll thought "Aural halluies are always been voices commanding me what to do, that was lightnin' bucko" so I uied and headed home. I am more likely to be hit by a car then struck by lightning but since its 2-0 cars I'm thinking lightning is looking to even things up.
  12. The mosquitoes were driving me a little nuts when I was weeding the garden, I had sprayed a product called Repel on an old hat and they weren't bothering me around my head but were clouds of them all around my arms and legs. So I went back in and got an old T-shirt and sprayed that stuff all over it. They left me alone. It is intended to be sprayed on clothing and gear, used as indicated it really seems to work.
  13. Garden gauge had well over 1.5 inches in my Schenectady back yard.
  14. Around here the fields have dried out to where the farmers can get the equipment in to plant corn. June 9th seems late.
  15. I'm sort of getting tired of going for a bike ride in the morning and my arms numbing out where the nerve signal won't get to my hands so they can shift gears. That's March type stuff, not May.