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  1. Yeah, I cut and mulched the roses by the calendar last year, it got hot and they promptly punched leaves and branches out all the grow buds. "Not a good idea, guys" I told them. Sure enough two deader than fence posts, several of the rest coming late from the crowns and haven't bloomed once this year.
  2. I didn't keep track of the last 7 days, but yesterday three inches of rain fell, the big line of storms were well north of here this afternoon but about 6:30 it started blowing like hell from the nnw and took a tree down on the power lines. It must have rained later because I had to drive in to the office to work an implementation instead of dialing in and when I got back and wanted to drink a beer on the front porch I sat in a very wet Adirondack chair cause it was really dark out with no power still...
  3. Tom12309

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    On the fringe of that one by Albany when it came through. Fringe was pretty interesting, horizontal rain with a little hail mixed in maybe 200 yards visibility. Lots of lightning. The middle of it must have been interesting.
  4. Interesting how the rain is distributing. Albany airport recorded something like .7 inches, 6 or 7 miles west in my back yard the gauge had at least an inch more than that and if you went ten miles west it was three inches or more. If you were in one of those north-south alleys the rain was lined up in you got doused and if not you were kicking up dust.
  5. Antifungal solution mixed in the pump sprayer for the roses - check. New Kool Stop Salmon pads in the calipers - check. Bring it on, the water table's a little low.
  6. Tom12309

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    I'm loving the measurements to the hundrethe there. Cheap cylindrical garden store gauge says an inch fell today here slightly NW of ALB. Judging from the size and color of the radar returns in comparison you guys to the east of us got smoked.
  7. A few mornings ago I was riding my bike up one of the hills west of town when a fully grown one sauntered across the road about 40 yards in front of me. I grinned a little wider passing the house about 50 yards further up on the side the bear went into because the two big dogs that come out to laugh at me cause I'm slow were looking off in the other direction not making a sound. That's the first one I've seen around here.
  8. One summer in the 90s it was extremely hot in August and for a couple of years there was a bar band playing around Albany called The Rolling Blackouts.
  9. Tom12309

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Interesting point. During Irene the winds were about what we get from a big thunderstorm but from the east where a tstorm is generally NW or W around here. In my back yard the poplars that just waved around in a summer storm fell right over if they had nothing sheltering them.
  10. The appearance of my lawn is a function of where the ground warmed up. The north side corner where it is shady still looks pretty tired, everywhere the sun has been at it is lush and green.
  11. Interesting ride this morning. Quite balmy on the top of the ridge maybe 500-600 feet above the Mohawk on the south side, but descending the mile down the south face it dropped a good ten degrees as soon as it pitched over and I figured the valley floor would warm back up but it was like a cold air drain was happening. It was actually cooler than when I rode out that same road maybe an hour earlier. Nice breeze push downriver too. Even in town by the river it was cooler until I got about half way back up the hill to home.
  12. Went for a nice 35 mile bike ride this morning. Plan was a nice stroll after drilling it yesterday. Hat not as warm as could have been, probably should have worn shoe covers. Discovered that the gloves I grabbed work great at 25 degrees dry but 40 degrees rain not so much. Jacket was good for warmth downwind but upwind not so much. Flatted a few miles from home at the crest of a hill. By the time I rolled the tire off, installed a tube and started putting it back on I couldn't feel my thumbs no more. That'll slow the process. Riding home I was struck by how much hypothermia can alter your perceptions. So looking forward to 60 degree dawn patrol this week. It was still a great ride. Any ride not in the cellar is a great ride.
  13. WFH, walked outside to pick up the recycling containers, 52 degrees 49 dewpoint never felt so good. Spent some time speaking encouraging words to some rose bushes. Unfortunately I think a couple of them have dead ears. I cut them back last fall to mulch them for winter just before that stupid hot spell and they promptly cranked out all kinds of new growth. I was afraid that was a bad thing and for a couple looks like it was a last gasp.
  14. I was surprised to see trillium poking up in the spot on the north side of the porch. I thought they'd wait for it to warm at least a little more.