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  1. Tom12309

    February 12th-14 Redeveloper Nowcast/Obs

    That's why this site is so awesome and I don't throw that word around. You see a phenomenon you don't understand and somebody's gonna know why it is so.
  2. Tom12309

    February 12th-14 Redeveloper Nowcast/Obs

    Interesting stuff in Schenectady. Very small sleet about like granulated sugar or sand and at the same time very small snow flakes like it was drizzling snow at about 15 degrees in my back yard. It's been doing this since about 4pm after maybe six inches of snow fell in the afternoon. I wonder what the air column must be like up there because I get how sleet works but the mix is something that puzzles me.
  3. Tom12309

    Feb 6-7 icing

    Freezing on the trees in Schenectady. Last few days I've been walking around waving my fist at the window and yelling "F you weather!" and then laughing hysterically.
  4. Tom12309

    1/29- 1/30 Storm Threat

    Word from this observer just to your NW. Go with the number in the 90% chance greater than chart. Seems to work out.
  5. What is it that isn't exactly water and isn't exactly air? Whatever it is, I hates it. Snow Eating Fog.
  6. Tom12309

    Winter Begins Jan 20th AWT

    Eesh. In NYC until Monday all Sunday trains canceled already.
  7. Tom12309

    Winter Begins Jan 20th AWT

    Worst part is I'm in NYC Friday to Sunday morning, train ride back should be interesting. Scenic, maybe.
  8. Tom12309

    Winter Begins Jan 20th AWT

    Albany NWS expected map equaled the 10% greater than map with subtle differences, 19 inches for the locale, earlier on. Now there's a 18-24 spread. I'm thinking they haven't taken off the weenie goggles yet.
  9. Mainframe sysprog is the field but pretty much any architecture is lights out these days. One call I'm in Schenectady, network tech in Nashville, Linux guy is in Argyle NY, app guy's in California, machines in Ohio and Illinois. And yes, ALB gets screwed every which way. Coastals miss wide right, clippers are north and cutters are direct hits. Marginal air mass or warm south flow and the Hudson Valley does its dirty work. A couple glorious years we had storm after storm tracking from the direction of Binghamton right through here and it snowed well but that stopped.
  10. One good thing about where tech has gone is that working remote is totally productive. Some work you can't do off site but in my field and many others it isn't where you work it's how you work and if I find somebody that is good I don't care where they are. Hopefully you can cast a very wide net.
  11. Tom12309

    Beggars can’t be Choosers strung out mess Jan 8/9

    OK, I'll enter it as "Zip Code 12309". Just kidding. Completed.
  12. Tom12309

    Beggars can’t be Choosers strung out mess Jan 8/9

    I'm sitting here laughing ruefully because it is snowing everywhere within five miles of where I sit and I enjoyed wind driven rain when I wheeled the rubbish cans out. Ah, river valleys.
  13. Tom12309

    The 2018-2019 Ski Season Thread

    Starting GoFundMe page now.
  14. 2001 Serotta CSi, 2005 Serotta Legend Ti and this year jumped on the all road bandwagon, No. 22 Drifter. All Campagnolo. This year was the Last Bike Ever. (Until the next Last Bike Ever....) Anything ever happens to the Legend frame I know who's building the replacement. The crew over in Johnstown is *really* good. However, the Legend isn't going anywhere anytime soon... I got flicked by a nice lady going about 45 in a Mustang one time and it took another three years for the rear dropout to crack which was the main point of contact. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. You ride?
  15. Saw the temp profile for tomorrow and thought great, I can get a nice outdoor ride in and be comfortable. Then they posted the wind advisory. Damn. Saturday we didn't have one and the CAA winds down the Mohawk made the twenty miles out to Amsterdam a grind. Great fun downwind but crossing the river bridge with a full crosswind it was a bit entertaining leaning into it so I didn't drift out into the traffic lane. Sustained twenty five with gusts, guess its Premier League replays down cellar again. If it's gonna be warm out, how about a calm warm out?