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  1. I saw places in Vermont where Irene took thousands of yards of earth and put it somewhere else nobody knows where. I took my bike down a road in upstate NY where I realized I was going over brand new bridges down through a steep valley that weren't there a couple of years ago. Thank you, Irene. I rode a loop of the Adirondack 540 bike race a month after Irene and going through Upper Jay I was looking up at debris in the trees. One that struck me was a telephone about fifteen or twenty feet up in a tree along the Au Sable. The library in Jay was soaked out of existence. I am not ashamed to say that I cried when I heard they completed the last road repair so everybody could get through to somewhere else in Vermont and the crew threw their hats in the air. I'm OK if we don't have another disaster so we can get our entertainment from it.
  2. Not NE but was in Syracuse today at about 1pm went into a building was almost sunny 75 degrees came out it was 63 degrees and raining 30 minutes later. 30 miles east was sunny 78 degrees and blowing HARD from the south as we drove home.
  3. Yes. On the other hand, the basil is doing very well. The buffalo got away so I'm going to have to buy mozz.
  4. A couple of years ago I was out for a long ride and coming south into Saratoga I could hear something happening over the ridge by Sacandaga off my right shoulder. I went through town and stopped at a convenient store to refill my bottles and by the time I came back out you couldn't see the bridge over Fish Creek a quarter mile over. It was funny, everybody standing under the overhang and nobody willing to get in their car six feet away. I waited a while and because I was tired I decided I'd lock up if I waited too long to do the last 30 of a 120 mile day so I took off into the rain and flinched every time one hit up on the ridge to my left. What cracked me up, though, was it came so fast that all the boats on the lake were stacked up trying to get back in but some guys were still out there in the middle of the lake fishing. I guess the storm brought on a bite and dammit they weren't going to waste it! Some friends passed me about ten miles later and they said I was flying. The outflow from that storm was the best tailwind... probably pushing all of 100 watts and going 28-30. I love those days.
  5. When I was a kid we went up to the Gaspe Peninsula and being on the south shore of the St Lawrence watching that wall of dark come down the river is in the top half dozen or so coolest things I have ever seen. Imagine seven people in a Pontiac station wagon driven by my 18 year old brother with seven heads stuck out the windows alternately all looking at the sky trying to find a hole in the clouds and our unsynchronized watches until we as one yelled "STOP NOW", screeched to a halt and jumped out of the car maybe five minutes in front of it. Also the silence as all the birds stopped singing.
  6. Yesterday afternoon WFH in Schenectady no lightning within 20 miles except for one about a mile from my house. All quiet with a soft rain falling. I jumped about a foot because at first I thought something blew up by the sound of it. One big BANG but then after a couple of seconds it rumbled a bit so I recognized what it was. And then that was it for the day. The guys on the golf course maybe a quarter of a mile where it hit the ground must have lost a couple of strokes easy.
  7. I was visiting my parents at their farm in central Vermont and I woke to hear one of those events coming. There wasn't any damage there so I can only think that you can hear them from a distance.
  8. I remember a July 4th parade in Hartland, Vt. some time in the last 30 years (how's that for narrowing it down?) where I swear it was just like today. I remember pouring rain and hypothermia standing there watching the poor miserable marchers go by. I wish that weatherspark site or whatever was still around so I could go take a look to see if it was really as cold as I remember it. VFD's barbeque chicken was awesome as usual, though. BBQ chicken and hot chocolate. Quite the pairing.
  9. Massive hailstorm over here in Schenectady. 15-20 minutes of dime sized stuff. The exposed garden is shredded.
  10. I work from home three days a week, when it gets so hot my sweat dissolves the varnish of my desk I start the window unit. If it is so hot at night I can't sleep I might start the one in the bedroom but I'm more apt to put the lights on the bike and go for a ride. The hours after the bars close and before sunrise are magical.
  11. A co-worker from East Greenbush NY tells me his Weber flipped over in the wind - ripped the gas line, he doesn't run it off tanks.
  12. Whiteface gets more of its snow from clippers than coastals. I suspect they blow a lot less snow than other places, being more state funded if I understand their setup correctly. I skied and rode there for years, it certainly seemed to me that they were more dependent on natural snow than other places I'd been in southern and central Vermont. Other than out west, Whiteface is still my favorite place to go. It never seems to be that terribly crowded and it is just as difficult as you ever want. Not to mention trying to rail GS turns from the top all the way to the bottom in one go.
  13. Spring is definitely here. Allergies are in full run, I took a full strength antihistamine and they just laughed. Like shooting a grizzly with a popgun.
  14. Schenectady - a couple of inches of snow to start, now sleet/rain/sleet/rain/rain/rain
  15. Somewhere in the neighborhood of the Quabbin Reservoir. Franklin County MA. The thought was prompted by the person reporting a ton in Manchester, maybe their ruler is analog too.