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  1. I remember a July 4th parade in Hartland, Vt. some time in the last 30 years (how's that for narrowing it down?) where I swear it was just like today. I remember pouring rain and hypothermia standing there watching the poor miserable marchers go by. I wish that weatherspark site or whatever was still around so I could go take a look to see if it was really as cold as I remember it. VFD's barbeque chicken was awesome as usual, though. BBQ chicken and hot chocolate. Quite the pairing.
  2. Massive hailstorm over here in Schenectady. 15-20 minutes of dime sized stuff. The exposed garden is shredded.
  3. I work from home three days a week, when it gets so hot my sweat dissolves the varnish of my desk I start the window unit. If it is so hot at night I can't sleep I might start the one in the bedroom but I'm more apt to put the lights on the bike and go for a ride. The hours after the bars close and before sunrise are magical.
  4. A co-worker from East Greenbush NY tells me his Weber flipped over in the wind - ripped the gas line, he doesn't run it off tanks.
  5. Whiteface gets more of its snow from clippers than coastals. I suspect they blow a lot less snow than other places, being more state funded if I understand their setup correctly. I skied and rode there for years, it certainly seemed to me that they were more dependent on natural snow than other places I'd been in southern and central Vermont. Other than out west, Whiteface is still my favorite place to go. It never seems to be that terribly crowded and it is just as difficult as you ever want. Not to mention trying to rail GS turns from the top all the way to the bottom in one go.
  6. Spring is definitely here. Allergies are in full run, I took a full strength antihistamine and they just laughed. Like shooting a grizzly with a popgun.
  7. Schenectady - a couple of inches of snow to start, now sleet/rain/sleet/rain/rain/rain
  8. Somewhere in the neighborhood of the Quabbin Reservoir. Franklin County MA. The thought was prompted by the person reporting a ton in Manchester, maybe their ruler is analog too.
  9. From the bike forum I hang out on way too much - described as "just an analog device so I don't know how accurate it is but this looks like 37" to me..."
  10. Under the yellow echoes
  11. Wow. Blizzard warning for the Dorptown. About 16 inches total perhaps more before it finishes up. Very unusual.
  12. In March 1993 I was in Guadeloupe and I was buying coffee and a croissant when the young lady behind the counter saw my NYS driver's license and said "You must be glad to be here, missing that snowstorm..." and that's the first I knew of it. When I came home my landlord said it was a god thing they couldn't get a plow into the driveway because they had no idea my car was still in there. It did have a couple shovel marks on it. Beats being in Dallas, though. I've been there when they got a massive ice storm. So large they almost ran out of liquor at the hotel.
  13. Schenectady was right pretty for about a half an hour there. Back yard is covered, for what that's worth.
  14. Just don't do like last year and go warm, get all the fruit trees about one day from blooming and then go to 15 degree nights for like four days in a row. If I were one of the apple farmers around here it would have been the end of me.
  15. WFH in Schenectady I start hearing this really weird noise. Then I realize it is a snowblower. An actual snowblower. You gotta understand that my neighbors snowblow what a cat won't leave tracks in, and it's been so long I couldn't remember what one of those things sound like. Looks like about 6" in my back yard and big clumps lazily floating down.