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  1. That tornado warning east of Saratoga is right where they got a foot of snow, what like a week ago.
  2. Looking at the observation thread makes me wonder how much of this region got pretty much all of their seasonal snowfall total in fall and spring with nothing to speak of during winter?
  3. Depends what direction the camera is pointing, it might simply be pasted over. Snowing horizontally at the moment. Went out to fill the bird feeder and in three minutes I was completely coated on the upwind side.
  4. Ah, that's better. Just flipped over to snow about five minutes ago in Schenectady. Was some freezing rain there for a little while, the pines are a little bit glazed.
  5. So close... 30 degrees and raining in Schenectady
  6. A few years ago my brother's kids were at the Nordic JOs in Truckee and we went out to yell encouragement. It was like 70 degrees out. I was standing talking to my nephew fretting about whether the snow would survive. He laughed. He said see how we step off this deck down about six inches on to the snow? This deck is about 12 feet off the ground. He said the biggest problem was figuring out what wax to use at those temperatures plus how not to fall over from heat exhaustion while racing...
  7. Ice but not enough to bend the trees halfway down the hill to Keene Valley on 74 all through the valley until going back up to Chapel Pond. 47 degrees in Lake Placid when we left, 30 degrees in Keene and 45 again cresting the hill at the other side. The Ausable was about 6 inches lower than the road, state police hanging out at each end, in case it rose any more I guess.
  8. Apparently tapping out this early is the norm, I don't know they keep the taps from drying out but it is all pipeline. A run this early, though, I've never heard of.
  9. My niece's husband in Underhill has 4600 taps out and will probably boil Monday, gallon per tap so far at 1.3.
  10. I had to drive to Cleveland for work a couple of Januarys ago and in Pa. was pretty sure I was going to die. No visibility with trucks blowing snow if you passed you might suddenly have taillights 15 feet in front of you if you stayed behind all of a sudden you had headlights 15 feet behind you. I think in places they got 18 inches that night. The one big laugh was the rest area I passed where they couldn't fit one single more vehicle in there, it was solid cars and trucks packed in tight. It was going to take hours to unwind that.
  11. Watching the waves on Mirror Lake. Though I have to say it's getting Zamboni'ed quite nicely, when they drop 40 degrees in five hours tomorrow I hope everyone has a chance to get out on it. I personally have never skated a mile in a straight line.
  12. Iversion must be it. I87 until off at exit 30 raining at 30-32 and then as soon as gained any altitude 37-39. 39 in Lake Placid. Locals bumming.
  13. And on April 25 when I'm down in Arkville riding the Cross Mountain gravel ride it'll be snowing, graupel and rain like last April 22!
  14. So Karen and I schedule a weekend in Lake Placid... hoping for a little wintry appeal. Karen's thinking fondly of strolling in 'snow globe flakes'. Ha ha ha. 50 degrees and rain... I picked a bad month to quit drinking. Not to mention it'll be shorts and jersey weather for outdoor riding back here in Schenectady. Eesh. If I leave town we get a foot and a half. If I go where it usually is winter, we get early May. On the bright side, my niece and her husband in Underhill started tapping their maples. They do have like 40,000 taps or something ridiculous so it isn't as nuts as it sounds.
  15. Wouldn't mind having an idea what the mean is these days because if this weather returns to the mean in the long term I might be needing my galoshes.