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  1. Somewhere in the neighborhood of the Quabbin Reservoir. Franklin County MA. The thought was prompted by the person reporting a ton in Manchester, maybe their ruler is analog too.
  2. From the bike forum I hang out on way too much - described as "just an analog device so I don't know how accurate it is but this looks like 37" to me..."
  3. Under the yellow echoes
  4. Wow. Blizzard warning for the Dorptown. About 16 inches total perhaps more before it finishes up. Very unusual.
  5. In March 1993 I was in Guadeloupe and I was buying coffee and a croissant when the young lady behind the counter saw my NYS driver's license and said "You must be glad to be here, missing that snowstorm..." and that's the first I knew of it. When I came home my landlord said it was a god thing they couldn't get a plow into the driveway because they had no idea my car was still in there. It did have a couple shovel marks on it. Beats being in Dallas, though. I've been there when they got a massive ice storm. So large they almost ran out of liquor at the hotel.
  6. Schenectady was right pretty for about a half an hour there. Back yard is covered, for what that's worth.
  7. Just don't do like last year and go warm, get all the fruit trees about one day from blooming and then go to 15 degree nights for like four days in a row. If I were one of the apple farmers around here it would have been the end of me.
  8. WFH in Schenectady I start hearing this really weird noise. Then I realize it is a snowblower. An actual snowblower. You gotta understand that my neighbors snowblow what a cat won't leave tracks in, and it's been so long I couldn't remember what one of those things sound like. Looks like about 6" in my back yard and big clumps lazily floating down.
  9. Ah, that would explain it. Driving in to work eastbound on I-90 this morning, a veritable parade of pickups towing trailers heading west. Passing my neighbor's house on the way out where his trailer normally sits was a big pile of power tools and stuff, the sleds parked there were gone. I'm thinking a lot of people's contractors didn't show up on site today.
  10. About 2.5" in Schenectady, light enough that I used a push broom to clear the driveway. It's purty today.
  11. My niece and her husband in Underhill tapped out on January 16th and have made about 500 gallons already. So much for the tradition of tapping out on Town Meeting day.
  12. Years ago I went out to the Nordic JO's in Truckee, my niece and nephew were on the NE team (that won the overall, BTW) and at the bottom of Donner Pass is a 20 or 30 foot tall monument to the Donner party. It is how deep the snow was when they got there. It was about 70 degrees during the event, I wondered aloud to my nephew if the snow would last. We were standing on the porch of the building at the start/finish line. You stepped down about ten inches onto the snow. He laughed. He said the porch we were standing on was about 15 feet in the air. When the JO committee was looking at the site, they asked the host club what they were going to do about the giant boulders in the start/finish area. They said not to worry, they'd take care of themselves. Alpine Meadows was the best skiing I have ever experienced. You just had to mind the signs that said 'if it looks like this, don't pick it up. It's an unexploded avalanche shell'.
  13. Waking up last night to the rain drumming off the roof... an inch of slushy sleet and enough freezing rain to pull down some more pine branches in Schenectady. It's not just that I moved down here from Vermont where I was spoiled by the amount of snow we'd get. This winter is starting to become frustrating and I don't even slide on snow any more. I ride a bicycle. Riding a bicycle on the road in January is not right and it's really not right that I haven't had to clean salt off it afterward. It is beginning to get on my nerves.
  14. On the bicycle forum I spend way too much time on in the Thursday get your grump on thread some guy from Tahoe posted a picture of coming outside to find the snow took a tree down and crushed his snowmobile.
  15. 23 degrees freezing drizzle Schenectady to Albany this morning. A couple inches of snowish type stuff overnight. No noticeable wind.