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  1. February is upon us - pattern change is in order

    My banter contribution to this: we're trying to get out of Dodge early Saturday morning on an airplane. I think I know exactly what the weather is going to be doing!
  2. Feb 5 - Rainer w/ some snow in NNE

    That's because any amount of snow in any form is something quite unusual but cold rain to freeze is totally run of the mill nowadays.
  3. Feb 5 - Rainer w/ some snow in NNE

    I gotta put the trail cam out in my back yard again. Lots of very intriguing tracks in the inch or so of wet slushy with crust on top.
  4. Feb 1-2 Anafront wave disco

    Schenectady got a tiny bit of rain that froze up quickly on smooth surfaces. I wasn't totally awake leaving for work, pulled out of the garage remembered I forgot something in the house and when I carelessly stepped out of the car almost tore my ACL. I thought I was awake then but really got a thrill when I stopped at a stop sign, saw an SUV coming a bit away and started to cross when I realized they were coming way too fast to be planning to stop. Punched it and the Hakkas did their thing, I looked in the mirror to see the guy sliding through all four wheels locked and terror on his face. I laughed and laughed.
  5. January 29/30 snow event

    Ha. Cat tracks on a tin roof are visible in Schenectady and that's deep winter around these parts now I guess.
  6. Nearing the 2nd half of Meteorological winter:

    I was going to say I miss those ones where they seem to move on a ENE line from Binghamton up through and my neck of the woods would get whacked. In my back yard, I get it, but I still can sigh reminiscently can't I? There were the years where it was a veritable parade of them and of course that's what sticks in my memory.
  7. Runner sleds on iced snowmobile trails. Fun stuff for a kid.
  8. January 12-14 Kitchen Sink Storm Discussion

    Banter, but I remember one massive melt event maybe ten or fifteen years ago where the freeze came through about 5pm and it was fairly entertaining to watch. Rain to wind driven sleet and everything iced over in maybe ten minutes. I really don't like the warm and if we have to have one dropping the hammer at the end is the only way to go in my opinion.
  9. Winter model mehhem or mayhem nature will decide

    OK, this is banter but back when my wife and I skied all the time we'd be out there no matter how cold but we did find our limit at Lake Placid one time when it was 27 below in the morning, another story ending up with bobsleds and luges. Cold days were nice because the crowds were thinner. We had a big warmup one weekend and it was well into the 40s and sunny up at Gore Mountain, we were in the lift line and commenting on how many people came out. The guy in front of us on brand new Stocklis and old clothes patched with duct tape turned to us and muttered "Man, I like ten degree days a whole lot better." We laughed.
  10. December 9, 2017 - Storm Observations/Nowcast

    A bunch of us on the phone for work tonight, my teammate in East Greenbush NY maybe 20 miles east of here has 6" or so he estimates, Schenectady has enough to cover the ground maybe an inch or so. I call this storm Maxwell Smart.
  11. Replying in the banter thread to comments in the model thread about not wanting a stretch of dry cold in December - I don't know how old I was but it was in the 70s when I was growing up in central Vermont and I remember one year where it was really really cold one December. I spent school vacation taking my hockey skates and going for long walks to find every pond I could and go skating on them. Just something different. I remember seeing my brother drive past one place I was at and the cloud of frozen dust his car kicked up off the dirt road hung in the air for fifteen minutes. Why it resonates is that winter when it started to snow, it seemed like we got snow every 3 -5 days for the next two months.
  12. Sunday's Screaming Southeaster

    My niece lives in Underhill, husband's family are dairy farmers and he has an enormous sugaring operation. He's very busy in the woods after the storm.
  13. Heading east from Schenectady driving up to the farm we'd have halfway decent snow until you get east of Troy then bare fields until somewhere up on the hills, finally some real snow on the ground as you get over the top on 11 and 30. I never got why until this thread. Going skiing over at Mount Snow I was always impressed how much snow was on the ground early up by Woodford. It looked like they got a lot and kept it.
  14. Fall Banter & General Discussion/Observations

    I listen to internet radio from the south bay area and their traffic reported on a road closing because of a house fire overnight that morphed into a 200+ acre wildfire with at least four structures consumed and whole neighborhoods evacuated, air tankers and dozens of ground apparatus in the fight in Boulder Creek. Thursday afternoon it was 320 acres and 30% contained but some people were being let back in. Kind of a different world.
  15. Fall Banter & General Discussion/Observations

    Clear night. It is unusual to be in my backyard on the fringes of the Dorptown and able to see the Pleiades if you don't look straight at it.