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  1. Absolutely. I remember being in awe of the snow depth after the December storm. It had been since 95-96 since I had witness snow like that.
  2. Eps looks great and it continues to move up in time. Still centered around the 5th.
  3. I’m is great agreement with you. I think we see a favorable period at the end of the first week in February. Mid month more of a -pna/se ridge with the cold in the mid west. End of the month as the mjo goes back into colder phases we see a favorable period.
  4. Agree. That 5-8 timeframe is probably the best look we had all winter. The ridge in central Canada moves into Greenland with a decent pacific.
  5. Starting to see the strat effects on the ops now for the 5-8th.
  6. I just think the Pv will corporate as we enter February. We could see a more of a La Niña @Isotherm look mid month but the cold air will be around.
  7. Anyone that has gone cold and snowy for this winter has had it rough. My point of posting his tweet is that I agree with him. Does it mean 40 inch February for Knyc? No! All I’m saying is I don’t think February will be a all out disaster. (like January) IMO February should offer some chances. It was obvious last week (I posted such) that January was toast.
  8. @bluewave great post a few days ago about a stronger wave in p1 to disrupt the Pv/vortex.
  9. I still think our chances will go up for snow around the 5th. The airmass will greatly improve. Signs of the trough pulling back west between the 10-15 of February. But that’s so far out in time it will probably changed. I continue to like the disruptions to the Pv we are seeing for February.
  10. Euro was leading the way on this with a better Pv orientation for the first week of February. The GEFS just caved in that direction. I’m definitely feeling more confident now for the cold shot around the 5th
  11. Interior should be excited with this setup
  12. We look to have a good pna next week. The airmass and position of ridge will be key. A costal hugger or a apps runner isn’t a cutter. I doubt we see a cutter in this pattern.
  13. Getting out there in the uber long range but I like the 5th-8th timeframe. Better airmass with some blocking.
  14. Yeah, starts kicking that vortex out around the 3rd as the Hudson ridge moves closer to Greenland.
  15. Because it’s a weather forum and find weather interesting. I hope this is okay with you.......
  16. Not a bad h5 set up but the airmass is kind of meh
  17. Eps looks even better this run by kicking the vortex out by the 3rd. We even get some blocking at the end in the NAO region. All this is great but we need to view it through skeptical eyes. Just trying to give you guys a update daily.
  18. Gefs in agreement with eps/geps at 12z with flushing out the vortex first week of February. Let’s see if we can hold this as we move closer.
  19. EPS Idv have some hits around the 30th to 1st. The better look is around the 5th-6th when we have a colder airmass. I would say we have a chance but better shot inland.
  20. Do you think with loosing the big time wpac forcing we will see a relaxation in the +AAM
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