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  1. To my untrained eye, that's some impressive CAD over the Appalachians along the MD line.
  2. Is that an RGB mousemat? Looks really cool! Just this weekend I upgraded my case that I originally built for a fully enclosed (non-windowed) ~2007 spec machine to something way more modern with a tempered glass window. So of course I had to RGB the heck out of it. One of these days I'll have to clean up my battlestation area for to take some glamour shots. Sorry for the off topic comment, everyone. But hey, was expecting it to be way more weathery today (even WCU canceled all classes???) but it looks like everything is happening just to our south, for this first punch at least. Oh well, at least I'll be able to smoke some meats in the driveway later this afternoon.
  3. Ok that's neat. I remember these used to happen quite a lot when I lived in Erie.
  4. Just looks pretty hazy with a few low clouds right now. This is looking west-ish.
  5. If you switch between KWLX and KDIX, there does seem to be a suspicious gap SW to NE over western Chester County right now. I'm going to go take a look outside--I *should* be able to see if anything is on the horizon. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=DIX-N0Q-1-48
  6. I'm lucky to have made it home, actually. Have a look at the traffic incidents here: https://www.chesco.org/3963/WebCad-Active-Incidents
  7. The roads are complete garbage right now. I had to go to West Chester @ about 2:30 and I crossed the rain/snow line several times on my way there and back, then I drove into an all snow nightmare with the roads covered in paste. Unfortunately, the only way to get from where I was back to my house requires going down a super steep, winding slope into the valley. Throw in a crapton of school buses and side roads choked with parked soccer moms taking up half the road in their giant SUVs and you turn a 30-minute ride into a 2 hour ride.
  8. Mount Holly upped our expected snowfall. IIR it was showing a mere inch for most of Chester Co.
  9. I'm happy that our winter is finally "wintery". Of course I would love to see inches upon inches of snow by now, but I'm sincerely really happy with the meager inch or so we've gotten so far. It's just been a stupidly pretty night with gentle snow falling outside the window. No wind, no ice, just pretty. Sorry for all of you guys who got skunked by this one; hopefully we are at a turning point this season and future storms will swing our way. Next weekend looks fairly promising as of now at least. But for now, this is just... nice.
  10. Got just the barest hint of the tiniest flakes here. Should be a good night.
  11. My parents live within shouting distance of the MD line and have a long driveway. I'm gonna hold of on telling my dad to hook up the plow for just a little bit longer...
  12. This made me chuckle. I'll be on the lookout for corroboration today as I have to go to the city for a few things.
  13. Yeah that's gotta be anomalous. Cautiously optimistic, and will be happy with anything at all though.
  14. Lots of pingers here. Coming down quite heavy against my windows. NWS says 32° but my weather clock says 36°. Although that is right up against the outside of my window (between the outer pan and the screen), so it's probably not quite accurate. I think I might have to mount that outside sensor further away from my house...
  15. Just got a text from my mom saying she's hearing pingers on the barn roof just now (Oxford, PA).
  16. Radar is showing a very narrow line of wintry mix about to hit. Hoping at least a few flakes mix in.
  17. Sure did smell and feel like it was going to snow last night around 2am when I went out to get something from my car. Saw stars though, and I'm well inland from that little predicted event. But still. That snow smell was so tantalizing. Hoping this season doesn't disappoint.
  18. Weird how random events sometimes coincide. I was just watching this video about him last night, and if I hadn't randomly stumbled upon it, I would have had no idea what you're talking about. I'm not really that into football though, so is this guy's assessment fair or not? Cheers~
  19. Transformers are now blowing and the development across the street from me is dark... Gonna be a long night.
  20. Crap. I've got a tree out back that forgot to drop its leaves, and now it's coated in ice and scraping the back side of my house pretty badly in the wind. There's nothing I can do about it at the moment either.
  21. Had a bunch of freezing rain, now it's mixed with pingers. Temp up to 30.
  22. Moderate snow again after a period of lighter stuff. Still at 27F. Boy what a fun storm this has turned out to watch!
  23. Just measured 3.5 inches on the front sidewalk. I'll take it!
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