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  1. I thought the one in feb that dropped a foot here was a les event?
  2. Southerly winds off anywhere is going to torch most likely. Unless you live in the tug you’re getting that torch no matter what. Granted this spot is considered the tug, just not into the deep part of the tug
  3. There are literally 0 houses in that area. Plus you get a big snow there you may not get out to go to work or home from work lol. Lots of seasonal roads there. This spot is much better than lowville with about a 175” avg and over 1100’ in elev
  4. Yea, the true west flow I will miss but heck 150-175 avg I can’t complain
  5. Hey guys, so I am under contract for a house now. Assuming inspection goes well. The house is about 3.8 miles nw of Copenhagen, ny elev 1150’. Looks like on snow maps avg is 175”
  6. I know that area well in PA. It's known for these type of things because there is no radar coverage in that area so people don't have a clue as to what is coming
  7. No spring, yet Buffalo and all the other climo sites are well abv normal
  8. Is that close to where the college is? Looks like it’s hopping on a Sunday night
  9. Do you worry about mold and what not down there with the dampness? Or is it not really damp anymore
  10. I guess what I mean, while it probably snows a lot, it seems like its a lot of minor like 2-4 3-5 constant type events and chance of a big event like 12+ is tough to come by
  11. Why does that area south of cuse in the tully to cazenovia area always max out pretty will? Is it a bit of upslope, I mean they are decently removed from the lake and would need nw flow
  12. Interesting, the nws burlington 30 yr avg map shows the holland patent and remsen area averaging more than lowville.
  13. So the parish house was a no go. One thing I've learned in this area, basements or any foundation below ground is a negative. Completely different than philly area, this area and drainage is terrible. Anyways, curious to get yours and @TugHillMatt thoughts on these 3 houses im looking at. These are in the rome area. 1 is about 9.5 miles northeast of rome or about 4 iles nw of holland patent. Nice house, it's up on a mtn, elev about 1250. The other is about 2 miles northwest of remsen, elev about 1350. Final one is about 2 miles west of west leydon, elev 1560. Whats nice about the west leydon house, its in the heart of the tug, but only 16 miles from Rome, which is hell of a lot better than lowville to watertown.
  14. Ooo yea I’d never just base it off snow, but def something I take into consideration lol. I’m just traumatized over the lowville shadow. So just want an area that gets hit good with lake effect
  15. @wolfie09is this area a decent spot? Not to familiar with down in your hood
  16. Thanks, yea I’ll be somewhere around here. Either around cuse or up in north country close to i81. Would like to stay close to my current job but wherever I find a good house that’s where I’ll go. Two houses this weekend were a no go.
  17. Thanks, we will see what the house brings. Looked at one in the adams area this week and was rather meh.
  18. I feel like everywhere around here is a haven for mosquitoes with the water table being very shallow
  19. Welp, looking at house about 4 miles northeast of parish sunday right by rt 104 about 1.5 miles east of 81
  20. does the west wind snow belt happen alot? Seems like in winter prodiminent flow is generally nw or wnw
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