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  1. weather models are to wet for thur storm for sne area. still think wont have that much just showers and may be a thunderstorm no big rain like some say .
  2. they just expanded it to nw ct area now for the watch
  3. the watch should extended into northern ct area not end at mass border .
  4. watch out for more sever weather today for sne area
  5. watch out today and tonight for sever weather for ct area .
  6. ct has good likley of big sever weather including ct
  7. i wouldnt be surprise if the storm stay south of sne and most of the rain went south of sne area this weekend .
  8. im not going for soaking rain for sne area at all for this early week . I disagree with the models . I seen it before models were wrong with front and to much rain too.
  9. Just showers for sunday and monday . when in drought dont go for rain or lots of it . fronts can stall to far south of us for rain or north and models dont do well on them .
  10. snowing good for hartford area more than what many weather people think like always
  11. tv 30 in ct went up on snow totals for tue night for ct . watch tue storm to colder than models show with snow pack wont let the warm air in . dont be surprise if we get more snow than forecast on tue night for sne area .
  12. i EXPECT HEAVY SNOW TONIGHT INTO SUNDAY FOR CT AND MASS AREA . totals near 10 inches for ct area includinge the hartford area and blizzard conditions and . I think they will upgrade to blizzard warnings for all of ct for tonight into sunday. To weather people just look at weather models and only couple models . storm will be stronger than models say . jb lc are very good weather people .
  13. does any know why that not working since tue morning not broadcasting on two of my weather radios
  14. Looks good the week of new years for a snowstorm and their is blocking to coming but i guess many dont see that but its coming to next week.
  15. state of ct made new laws where water companys have to follow now and the state do there own rules too now.
  16. hi does this mean that storm track will be just off the east coast and bring us good snows this winter. We have to watch this early storms from models off the east coast with the nor easter . this weekend storm and one next wed if it comes or close just asking
  17. ct will likely declare drought watch by dec under new laws passed two years ago
  18. IM forecasting sunny thur with no rain for sne area with heavy rain south of sne area . The heavy rain will stay over nj area then move out to sea .
  19. sunny for thur no storm stays south for sne area .
  20. is that good site to down load to my computer
  21. i expect big changes in Feb and march with good snowstorms track still going for lots of snow for sne area and big cities too.