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  1. Riding the line now. I hope he stays To my East but right before sleet was added the flakes were Gargantua‘s! .
  2. Walking the line here and it is ripping all snow!
  3. Just ripping here! Have not seen heavy daytime snow in a few years. Vis down to 2/10 of mile
  4. Just coming down here! closing in on 4+
  5. Biggest Blakes yet. Over 3 inches now and if this continues it’ll be an inch an hour. https://imgur.com/a/418AEuk .
  6. Nice. About the same here need to get a better measurement as the winds are been strong all night. Mod to heavy snow since around 4:15am. Current visible is maybe 1/10 of a mile!
  7. These bands are strong! Bout to go under another one now.
  8. I’ve met the low end so far this morning. Pushing over 2” now with mod- heavy snow .
  9. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/?parms=GSP-N0Q-1-24-100-usa-rad
  10. Ripping here! 26.4 and closing in on 2" Been going since 2:15am and heavy since 4:30ish
  11. Hammer down! right at 2" and its COLD. 26.4 with winds around 10MPH
  12. Gusting over 25 with sustained winds around 12 now. Had a peak gust of 28.6 earlier
  13. The heavy snow discussion came out 15 minutes after GSP update
  14. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/md0072.html
  15. Mesoscale Discussion 0072 NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK 0302 AM CST Sun Jan 16 2022 Areas affected...Southern Appalachians...North Carolina and Virginia Piedmont Concerning...Heavy snow Valid 160902Z - 161500Z SUMMARY...Snowfall rates exceeding one inch per hour will be possible across parts of the southern Appalachian Mountains this morning. DISCUSSION...The latest water vapor-imagery shows an upper-level low moving eastward across the lower Mississippi Valley. Ahead of the low, mid-level moisture is streaming northeastward across Tennessee, Georgia and the Carolinas, where widespread precipitation is ongoing. Surface temperatures within the area of precipitation are mostly above freezing. The exception is along the northern edge of the precipitation from northern South Carolina into western North Carolina where surface temperatures have dropped to near or just below freezing. In response, precipitation has changed over to snow across much of the southern Appalachians, especially from the Appalachian crest eastward. As the upper-level low moves eastward across the central Gulf Coast states, large-scale ascent will increase across the southern Appalachians. In response, bands of heavy snowfall will likely develop. Snowfall rates could exceed one inch per hour from far northeast Georgia into the western Carolinas and far eastern Tennessee. Later this morning, heavy snow will also be possible in western Virginia. ..Broyles/Edwards.. 01/16/2022
  16. Time to walk that line! Radar looks beefy for sure. 30.2/27.1 Mod snow and my roosters already talking outside at this early hour
  17. yeah. Bouncing but looks like around 10 -20 miles S of I-85
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