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  1. All snow here In basic which is about 20 miles N of the NC/SC line and 30 mile N of hwy 11. Med flake size temps crashed to 31.8 from 39 at 10. 31/28.7 925
  2. All snow! 33 with no mix to start! Sticking already .
  3. Sure. SPC is the site. Click on Mesoanaylsis and pick your sector. To produce the map I posted, click on upper air at the top of the map and choose 925. This site is awesome. Have fun!
  4. All this good eating. We had bojangles for lunch so no one is hungry tonight. So, on beer two for me Pot roast will be rolling tomorrow though!
  5. That’s a good car I could absolutely see that happening. .
  6. Ice has been in the discussion. Amounts have been the variable in our foothill area the entire time.
  7. GFS has been constant also with this look. Going to be a fun ride
  8. No doubt!!! Going to be interesting to see totals and how the GFS pans out. Either way, LFG!
  9. Sure is. Looks to also delay the mixed bag riding into the upstate and NC.
  10. No dread here. Chris was just on before the game starts.
  11. Well, I just cracked the first beer. Guess I need to start this early Sorry for the banter. 41.9/30.6 18 HRRR looks good though
  12. Dropped to around 2" with .1-.3 of ice. NW part of the county dropped to 2-4 total for snow
  13. GSP*** NEAR TERM /THROUGH SUNDAY/... As of 1240 PM EST Saturday: Forecast looks on track for the afternoon. No changes made at this time.
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