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  1. The trajectory of the banding is starting to pivot and be more sw - ne! Growth in the county. .
  2. Calling it 5.5 here. The sleet did me in and without it would have netted maybe 1.5” more. However, super windy all night so measure could be skewed. I have1’+ drifts all around .
  3. Going with 5 1/2 inches here but I’ve got 1’ drifts! .
  4. Yeah that Band meant business. I was on the southside of it and maybe needed a quarter of an inch. Still lightly snowing now with no wind. Maybe some more in the box later. But it has been Whinery for the last 25 hours which is awesome .
  5. It’s like you said get under these bands now and they’re producing .
  6. This change back to snow is super heavy. Almost like it was this morning with no wind .
  7. Awesome! Sleeting slacked off so time for sledding ! .
  8. Mesoscale Discussion 0075 NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK 1059 AM CST Sun Jan 16 2022 Areas affected...Northern South Carolina...North Carolina...Southern and Central Virginia Concerning...Winter mixed precipitation Valid 161659Z - 161945Z CORRECTED FOR INCORRECT LAT/LON SUMMARY...Heavy snowfall with rates exceeding one inch per hour will be possible across the southern Appalachians and Virginia Piedmont this morning from western North Carolina into southern and central Virginia. Freezing rain or a changeover to freezing rain is expected from parts of northern South Carolina northeastward into southeastern Virginia. DISCUSSION...Water vapor imagery shows an upper-level low moving eastward across the central Gulf Coast states with divergent mid-level flow located across southern sections of the Eastern Seaboard. A plume of mid-level moisture is located across the Carolinas and Virginia, where widespread precipitation is ongoing. Temperatures are currently below freezing across much of the southern Appalachian Mountains, where snow is being reported. A few locations have exceeded one inch per hour snowfall rates. As large-scale ascent spreads northeastward ahead of the upper-level low, the potential for heavy snow should increase across parts of western and central Virginia. Further to the east, temperatures are also below freezing across much of the North Carolina Piedmont. In this area, freezing rain is being reported in many locations due to a low-level warm layer that is forecast to spread northward into southeastern Virginia later this morning. In response, freezing rain should continue across parts of central North Carolina. Snow should gradually change over to freezing rain across much of southeastern Virginia this morning. ..Broyles.. 01/16/2022
  9. This has been a wonderful winter day! Been up since 2. All snow 2am-8:30ish Mix snow/sleet 8:30ish - 10 Sleet since then and still going in heavy waves. Low was 23.1 and up to 27.1 Breakfast beers also
  10. Heavy sleet! Don’t think I’ve ever seen it sleet so heavy! https://imgur.com/a/q6CCdzg .
  11. Great on missing the sleet, so far. The last 45 minutes here was heavy sleet mix. I think that minus sleet during that time, would have gained over an 1". Also, it was 23.1 at the height of the heavy returns around 8am
  12. The low is transferring and the mid levels should drop back below, as forecasted. Just hope it gives some action even if its just in the air.
  13. No doubt. When that happened here today is was extra large flakes then BAMN super heavy sleet.
  14. All snow from 2:15am till 8:25 then a sleet mix till about 9:00 then back and forth between until current. Never any FR. calling 5" with 7-10" drifts due to the winds.
  15. The family has went back inside can we get me a lawn chair out and sit in the wind .
  16. The banding with the storm is no joke. It’s blowing over 25 mph right now probably 15 to 20 sustained .
  17. The banding with the storm is no joke. It’s blowing over 25 mph right now probably 15 to 20 sustained .
  18. This band come through changed us over to sleet! But the snow is really trying to mix back in .
  19. HeavY sleet now!It’s perfect for sledding .
  20. After a little bit of sleet makes neon we are back to all snow.!! Town for some sledding and some beers! .
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