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  1. Predicting a high around 99 here in Tuesday! Been a while since I’ve flirted with 100 ! .
  2. Wow! Foothills network is live on Facebook covering it https://www.facebook.com/FoothillsActionNetworkBurke/videos/532446514887640/ .
  3. Good lord at these total! WOW. Only at 1.80" down here
  4. Get me to mid March and Im down with this statement.
  5. Prefect for Jebwalking! Enjoy the deathband!
  6. Clear at 28 with gusting winds over 25. Had 25 mins of snow last night. Enjoy boys! .
  7. Good luck boys! Just glad it’s Friday and that the beer is cold 43 now which is 5 lower than 45 minutes ago .
  8. Rain just started here ! Some heavy Returns in McDowell and upper Rutherford county .
  9. Seeing returns coming in Spruce pine over to Lenoir.
  10. GSP has me 1-2” tonight… Looking forward to seeing how this sets up. .
  11. Where ever it pops around this area it will be raking.
  12. My first Son was born on 3/4/09 and We drove from 3" at the house into around 10" in Cleveland county that morning. Here is the case study https://projects.ncsu.edu/atmos_collaboration/nwsfo/storage/cases/20090302/
  13. Going to be depended on where the banding sets Up. .
  14. Yup spiltsville. Should be fun to watch this play out. Might have to ride up to Little Switzerland.
  15. Thanks Matt. Looks like if that was came true, we would be looking at dusting here in the southern foothills.
  16. Anyone near Spartanburg? Looks juicy under that band. Some yellows showing up...
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