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  1. He did not ride it hard but did say you may want to close your eyes. LOL
  2. Fox 21 out of Greenville just showed the EURO run for next weekend
  3. 31.7 and a cold beer in hand after work. Nice cold day around. Hoping to eek out a few hours of snow fall!
  4. Spoke to my bother and he said made it on the ground at Chimney rock and rumbling bald. If anything it can moisten up things around here.
  5. Fantasy yes, but it has been showing up for the past few days.
  6. getting some radar returns in Rutherford County.
  7. low of 31 here in Bostic. Roads are good and slick is spots.
  8. Straight up nasty here today. Tim’s about 40 with rain! .
  9. My four years in Boone, 00-04 had its share of NWFS events. Boone is not in the best place but I lived near the TN line in Sugar grove in 03-04 and we got several. On in December of 03 netted 19" at our trailer!
  10. Several swings on the 18 GFS for sure over the period. Maybe one will catch.
  11. Angle of the sun will kill that...
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