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  1. Thanks, Scott Weenies spending their summer lounging around in their floaties wishing it were snowing.
  2. Pavers started going in yesterday. Estimating 2 more weeks before the rebuild of the lawn begins.
  3. Looks good, Scott. I'm eager for this to get done. Not because I wanted (or want) a pool, but I can't stand looking at the eyesore dirt and rocks around it. It'll be good to have the loam and top soil brought in. Then to see what type of fast-growing grass I can get in there quickly to be replaced by a good sun/shade mix over time.
  4. A big critter has made its way into the basement. Big enough to make it up the steps and scratch/bang on the door. The cats love sitting there wondering what's on the other side. Me, not so much. Just put a havahart down there to see what it might be. Saw its footprints--not a raccoon. No skunk smell and it's been active in the day so probably not a skunk. Probably not a opossum by the same reasoning.
  5. Get excited.
  6. Anyone who doesn't have knot weed at the top of their list of hated has never had it. Hands down the worst in the world.
  7. Thanks. I had always thought the fall seeding would tend to sprout prior to the frost.
  8. I wanted to get some grass seed down in advance of the coming rain. With the lower 20's progged for Wed night and upper 20's on Thursday night, should I be holding off? Since it would have germinated by that time, I'm hoping I'd be okay, but I don't want to flush the money down the toiled. TIA.
  9. It could be something from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. You'll wake up next to a pod that transforms into Kevin.
  10. I'll be heading to Orono tomorrow/Tuesday--curious to see how that looks.
  11. I'd say differently if it's a good Kung Pao chicken.
  12. That's pretty much the approach. That is with a lawn tractor--46". Need more power!! That's my mantra. Going, going, going..........
  13. I mow every weekend, if not it can't happen until every other weekend resulting in 1) more mosquitoes, 2) taller knotweed (ftl). Unfortuanltey, it takes about 4 hours to do the whole thing it takes up a good chunk of the weekend. At least I don't bother with the clippings.
  14. I better wait for the snow to melt first. While I'm waiting, I'll take down another tree or two before the torrents come in later.
  15. I had that in the October storm for about 4-5 hours straight or so. Not quite as long as Mitch, but long anough to pile up 28", IIRC. A beautiful powder storm up this way. No leaves on the trees up here to cause issues even if it hadn't been powdery. Oct 11 was one of my favorites of all time. The combination of a block buster storm, the first storm of the season, and actually not being in season mark it as memorable.
  16. Footage of the Springfield tornado is pretty crazy. Probably already been posted
  17. Nice cool down. Had a high of 80.9 at 2:15, now 66.6/66
  18. Enjoy it, Jay! Hey--I just got to make my first payment on my daughter's tuition. My connection to Towson has begun!
  19. They held the kids at school here until things went through. Have to check out the area--I pretty sure I had a strike within 100 yards of the Pit. Not sure what to look for for evidence. I think it might have hit a pole and used the cables that tether them to the ground as a lightning rod. Not sure.
  20. Survived things here. They held the kids at school thankfully. Sly's brightening to the west, expect the sun to be out soon. Hopefully no one has any damage from these (although we were hoping our old out building would get taken out by a tree. We coudl use the insurance money to rebuild a nice garage/barn.
  21. GC is the place to be right now--oy. Constant thunder, rain's started, big drops. Winds picking up.