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  1. Feb 8th-9th Obs/Discussion Thread

    I teach in Harford County, so it's even better (though we'll be in school through mid-July at this rate). I still say, "Bring it on."
  2. Feb 8th-9th Obs/Discussion Thread

    Sorry about that--currently 38 degrees.
  3. Feb 8th-9th Obs/Discussion Thread

    I'm in Fawn Grove, PA (three miles over the MD/PA border, right above Harford County), and we've had flurries here for the past ten minutes.
  4. Mid to late Jan cold talk

    Wunderground.com has us (Fawn Grove, PA) at -6 right now. Is that right? Holy cow! EDIT: And now, ten minutes later, it's 7. That first reading must have been a fluke.
  5. Winter storm 12/8-9 Observations/Nowcasting

    Just over 5" here in SE Pa (Southern York County), and still coming down hard. Brenda
  6. Winter storm 12/8-9 Observations/Nowcasting

    Flurries just started here in SE York County, PA.
  7. Nothing but rain here in Southern York county, right over the MD border. What a disappointment.
  8. I was just about to type, "Cold drizzle here in Southeast York County," and when I took another glance out the window, I now see snow. So I believe a changeover is currently taking place.
  9. Contest - February Snowfall at DCA-IAD-BWI

    DCA: 6.5 IAD: 4.2 BWI: 8.5 RIC: 3.5
  10. 1/25-1/26 Storm Disco Thread

    1" here in SE York County, PA....not much, but it certainly was nice having an early dismissal this afternoon!