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  1. 3-4" of new snow here in SE Pa (Southern York County). Heavy snow falling!
  2. Thanks. I teach in Harford County, MD and straddle the line. Doesn't look like too much happening there at the moment.
  3. Moderate pinging snow in SE Pa....about 1" on driveway, road is slowly losing the battle.
  4. Spot on--it's sticking on the car now. Whoop!!
  5. Fawn Grove, PA (right over the border above Harford County, MD). 38 degrees with very pretty snow which has been falling for about twenty minutes now. Right now there's no stickage--it's just making the driveway wet.
  6. 3" here in Fawn Grove, PA (right over the border above Harford County, MD). 3" on the ground, still snowing and roads are covered.
  7. We still have flakes falling, but it's definitely winding down. Ended up with about 12-14" here in SE PA (right over the border from Harford County, MD).
  8. Early dismissal from HCPS this afternoon. Just got home to Southeastern PA between Delta and Fawn Grove. The roads in Northern Harford County are icing over and starting to get snow-covered near the MD/PA border, and the flakes are thick and heavy.
  9. So I'm apparently in the "sweet spot...." (I teach in Harford County and live right over the border in SE PA). School is cancelled for me, but my boys don't even have a delay in Southern York County, and they are extremely disappointed right now. We have three inches on the ground--roads are clear at the moment but am I correct that this is supposed to pick up as the day goes on? I'm trying to figure out why school isn't out, or if they're going to bring the kids in only to turn around and send them home again.
  10. I teach in Harford County, so it's even better (though we'll be in school through mid-July at this rate). I still say, "Bring it on."
  11. Sorry about that--currently 38 degrees.
  12. I'm in Fawn Grove, PA (three miles over the MD/PA border, right above Harford County), and we've had flurries here for the past ten minutes.