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  1. Time to bust out the Delorean. Where the heck is Doc Brown when you need him?
  2. I'd take P12 and be done until next winter!
  3. I'm moving to just doesn't want to get cold let alone snow here!
  4. Wow! If ICON is even remotely right...that will be great for us along I81!
  5. I think I'm going to follow Bob's lead. Unless something gets inside of five days, I'm not going to torture myself with model run. Hopefully I'll be back in a few weeks talking about an event. Just doesn't seem in the cards this year
  6. I'm with WinterWxLuvr....who cares about east of 81
  7. This game is flat out crazy. Each team has owned a quarter so far. 2nd half is going to be fun.
  8. I love the college football OT rules. Each team gets a posession no matter what.
  9. If this happens, my wife may have some trouble getting home from her trip to Chicago LOL
  10. Literally laughed out loud at the 37 in. of snow in Birmingham
  11. Well...don't keep us newbies in suspense....what does it remind you of?
  12. I'll take E7 and E12 for us Winchester folks. That's a lot of pretty colors out this way on the GEFS.
  13. What do we have to lose!!! I'm going all in!!!