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  1. Just spoke with my mom in Middletown, PA. Power just went out and crazy rain coming down atm.
  2. My lawn definitely could use that drink of water!
  3. psurulz

    Winter 2021-22

    I'm with WinterWxLuvr, I need someone to translate what all that stuff from Chuck means?
  4. psurulz

    Winter 2021-22

    Interesting to see if that pans out. Here's to hoping it will.
  5. I honestly don't understand how these storms are zooming through with all the blocking. I thought blocking was supposed to cause a log jam of storms. Is it something to do with the spacing of each storm that's messing things up for us?
  6. Going to need someone to translate Anthony, but it sounds like that's a good thing for prolonged cold in the east.
  7. Thanks Bob and Cobalt for the information. Appreciate it.
  8. I'm a newbie and don't understand how the storm on the 14th is allowed to cut rather than get forced under the block per the GFS
  9. Wow...hopefully this is a good sign seeing that the threat is still a week away.
  10. Time to bust out the Delorean. Where the heck is Doc Brown when you need him?
  11. I'd take P12 and be done until next winter!
  12. I'm moving to Maine...it just doesn't want to get cold let alone snow here!
  13. Wow! If ICON is even remotely right...that will be great for us along I81!
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