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  1. This is probably the hurricane most likely to be upgraded post analysis if they don't do it here in the next 20 minutes or so.
  2. It's so bizarre to me how storms this year can't go beyond that 150-155 mph hump....
  3. Was Goni ever actually measured by an aircraft or was it just an estimate also? That storm could've also been over rated by satellite measurements.
  4. I was kind of thinking the same thing. Did this expose Dvorak?
  5. I was looking at Maria and Irma IR/SAT pictures at their peaks and this core looks better than Maria's, but not quite Irma's at it's peak yet. I'll go with 175 MPH/925mb.
  6. They went with 120 MPH...no way with that presentation, the winds aren't higher.
  7. We're never going to hear the end of it from the ghost of leroy.
  8. Interesting. Both hurricane models, HMON and HWRF both around 960 at landfall.
  9. Perhaps, but one has to remember this wasn't forecasted to become a hurricane until late afternoon and it already is one. On top of that, modeling forecasted shear would impact it for much of the morning and afternoon hours.
  10. Worst case scenario for Galveston and the eastern Houston metro area...that would drive water right up the Galveston Bay into the Houston suburbs. Think it will probably verify more east though.
  11. Ever since 2017, they overhype every little tropical cyclone.
  12. It's literally looks almost like the 2000 analogy you were saying earlier. East and Southeast sides gets lollipopped....west parts of the metro get shafted. Still, it's the NAM.
  13. We had one last year in Mid January. Dropped 1-2 inches in the metro...it really exploded over NC though.