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  1. Hells Bells by ACDC. Inspired by Tropical storm
  2. Our normal snowfall is so low that we are above normal for the year at 16.
  3. Funny thing is that we now have a Winter Storm Warning with snow continuing into tonight
  4. Snow has picked up with 2.5 inches. Not a bad little event
  5. Wow. I can't believe the Eagles were underdogs. It's funny that the weather was not a factor as I remember that stupid Fog Bowl.
  6. Started here I think close to 3 PM. Not a lot but it is accumulating
  7. Sleet coming down moderately with some flakes mixing in. Temp Dew point is 36/32 according to observer near me.
  8. Snow and sleet mix continues. Starting to come down moderately.
  9. 33 and moderate snow. Unfortunately, the back edge is here.
  10. Moderate snow here in Atlantic County. Slush on cars and grass