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  1. Is that convective flair up interaction with the Gulf stream?
  2. MSNBC had pretty good coverage.
  3. Knowing more about where Irma may be heading I wonder what the hazards are going to be with gators and snakes with the big storm surge and all of the water?
  4. Your model really failed us this time. I just looked at the 18Z GFS, it stalls Jose then takes it south then takes the Sandy route, but that is in the la la land part of the run.
  5. Hurricane warning for Jose to hit Northern Leewards as a major hurricane.
  6. This is bad news for these folks.
  7. That's what happened with Andrew.
  8. Latest GFS looks like Irma says don't let your guard down yet on the east coast.
  9. I hope this changes.
  10. Make that the last 3 runs.
  11. The sad part of this is that a lot of people relocated to the Houston area after Katrina.
  12. http://weather.rap.ucar.edu/satellite/displaySat.php?region=ABI&itype=vis&size=large&endDate=20170828&endTime=-1&duration=7 Here is a good visible loop showing the center moving back out into the GOM.
  13. Landlines do have their advantages.
  14. http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=HGX-N0Q-1-96
  15. All I know is the Marine forecast for NJ is pretty bad, it screwed up the last full week of fluke fishing.