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  1. January 16-18 Threat

    Don't shoot me I am just the messenger.
  2. January 16-18 Threat

    DT seems to be on board with you Ralph.
  3. January 12-13 Heavy Rain to Freezing Rain Obs

    64.9 TTN, one ugly pile of Snow to go then we can start all over again.
  4. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    Temps are shooting up pretty fast today, 41.3 TTN.
  5. January 3-4 Noreaster Obs

    The wind is honking, the house is beginning to shake a little.
  6. January 3-4 Noreaster Obs

    Moderate snow TTN, 24.9 Nice bands coming in off the Atlantic.
  7. January 3-4 Noreaster Obs

  8. January 3-4 "Threat"

    Hampton roads and VA Beach are under a Blizzard warning.
  9. January 3-4 "Threat"

    You guys always do better when we have marginal temperature storms.
  10. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    Up to 26.2, If ever there was a time to take down the Christmas lights, now is the time.
  11. Yes I was Captain har.
  12. January 3-4 "Threat"

    I read both, have some good Mets. on both.
  13. January 3-4 "Threat"

    The clippers have been over performing due to the higher ratio's, it will be interesting to see how the coastal does.
  14. DECEMBER 30, OBS

    Same thing in TTN, stayed under the heaviest precip most of the event.