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  1. E PA/NJ/DE Spring 2018 OBS Thread

    Came and went, hopefully I can put a steak on the grill in about a half hour.
  2. April Snowfall Data

    Thanks Don.
  3. We already have a low barometric pressure, I wonder if that has something to do with it?
  4. March 20-21 Snow and other Observations

    Light snow TTN.
  5. March 20-21 Snow and other Observations

    I am saying I don't see pressure falls off of the coast, I thought this was going to be a second coastal system?
  6. March 20-21 Snow and other Observations

    Draw your own conclusions. https://www.americanwx.com/bb/topic/4152-tracking-storms-20122013/ Some of these have expired but some are self updating, I think storm 1 stole our juice.
  7. March 20-21 Snow and other Observations

    Me too, but I did use some actual quotes from the NWS.
  8. March 20-21 Snow and other Observations

    Big flakes TTN, not very heavy.
  9. March 20-21 Snow and other Observations

    I am surprised they haven't gone to def-con 1 and called a storm mode on the board?
  10. March 20-21 Snow and other Observations

    Wow server error the last few hours.
  11. Looking through my Kocin book I find that there have been a few notable storms in March. There were a few in the late 1800's, most notable the "Blizzard of 88" then there was the 1958 Morgantown special and the 1960 storm that all but wiped out LBI. So March can produce despite the sun angle.
  12. I was looking at my Paul Kocin books tonight and I was surprised at the number of mid March storms that are mentioned. I am going to do a more detailed look at the current models and the March 58 models.
  13. This will be a mix of March storms 1&2, 1 had wind not much snow 2 was heavy snow very little wind. Both storms did quite a bit of tree and power damage
  14. It's up, map not colored in yet.
  15. I wonder how much more stress the trees can take, some people are just getting power on.