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  1. Siding ripped off of house, no power.
  2. The first model to have this track pinned down was the Navgem last Tuesday. It never wavered from this track.
  3. When I worked for Verizon I had to go to North Jersey after Floyd. A dam burst and flooded a central office that had an open wall for construction. What a nightmare.
  4. This looks like a NE NJ special, TTN just missing the pivot.
  5. 20.3 TTN, the early forecast said 8, those are January numbers. Now up to 21.0
  6. This old house is a rocking so don't bother knocking. My house is in a wind tunnel when we get winds from the west.
  7. Old Eskimos are saying the sun is rising in a different spot now.
  8. Just renewed my gold subscription, good to go for another year.
  9. I have a crew installing solar panels on my roof in all of this rain.
  10. Water in the basement 3 times this year, last 5 years or so it has been dry.
  11. Up a little to 32.2 sleet snow mix, waiting for my pancakes.
  12. I figured a half an inch then a little sleet and rain would wash it away. This took me by surprise, I didn't even get the leaves raked up yet.
  13. I was stationed in the Air Force at Tyndall AFB. it is very flat in that area.
  14. I had wind damage to my house, I lost some trim on my house. Winds were out of the East and they had to have gusted to 80 mph to do that kind of damage.
  15. This year is the first time in about 10 years that I am getting some water in my basement. I channel as much away from the foundation as possible but the ground cant hold anymore.
  16. Came and went, hopefully I can put a steak on the grill in about a half hour.
  17. We already have a low barometric pressure, I wonder if that has something to do with it?
  18. I am saying I don't see pressure falls off of the coast, I thought this was going to be a second coastal system?
  19. Draw your own conclusions. Some of these have expired but some are self updating, I think storm 1 stole our juice.
  20. Me too, but I did use some actual quotes from the NWS.